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Week Ahead: ECB and BoJ in Focus

Updated  Apr 20, 2018 1:42:11 PM

The past week has seen a sharp rise in US Treasury yields, which has helped to fuel a US dollar rebound as well as place renewed pressure on recently rallying equity markets. Stocks began the week on a strong note, mostly driven by better-than-expected corporate earnings early in the current reporting season, which helped to extend the sharp equity rally that has been in place since early April. By late in the week, however, stocks  [...] Continue Reading ...

EUR/USD in focus ahead of CPI, Fed/ECB minutes

Updated  Apr 10, 2018 1:01:26 PM

As the US dollar has continued to struggle amid recent US economic data and global trade war concerns, EUR/USD has sustained a prolonged trading range that is not far off its January and February multi-year highs. Currently fluctuating around its key 50-day moving average, EUR/USD remains entrenched for the time being within a clear bullish trend that has been punctuated by persistently bearish dollar sentiment. That bearish sentiment was exacerbated this past Friday when the  [...] Continue Reading ...

EUR/USD may retest highs amid ECB, US jobs, tariff disputes

Updated  Mar 7, 2018 5:04:29 PM

If US and European markets have not had enough volatility to deal with this week amid the specter of possible trade wars stemming from US President Trump’s plans to impose hefty import tariffs and the European Union’s swift threats of retaliation, more potential volatility triggers are on the way. As concerns of a global trade war and likely chaos in the White House have dominated headlines, other key upcoming events have taken a back seat.  [...] Continue Reading ...

Week Ahead: Italian Election, Central Banks, and US Jobs in Focus

Updated  Mar 2, 2018 1:42:32 PM

The past week in the markets was not for the faint-hearted. Two primary catalysts for the return of sharply elevated market volatility emanated from the U.S. – Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s hawkish testimony in front of the US Congress, and US President Trump’s announcement regarding sizeable import tariffs on steel and aluminum. Equity markets were heavily pressured by both of these catalysts, while the US dollar jumped on Powell’s testimony but tumbled on the prospect  [...] Continue Reading ...

EUR/USD falls towards key support as dollar surges on Powell testimony

Updated  Feb 27, 2018 1:35:19 PM

New Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell began his highly anticipated testimony in front of the US House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday, and his initial remarks sounded a distinctly hawkish tone. Though Powell reiterated the Fed’s long-used “gradual” qualifier to describe future policy tightening and interest rate hikes, the Fed Chair also asserted a highly optimistic perspective on economic growth, employment, wage growth, inflation, and fiscal policy. He also noted that this perspective has come  [...] Continue Reading ...

Will the Upcoming Election in Italy Pose a Threat to the Euro?

Updated  Feb 26, 2018 1:45:37 PM

Italy’s upcoming general election, slated to be held next weekend on March 4th, has garnered far less market attention than its French or German counterparts had last year, and perhaps for good reason. The threat of an unexpected outcome in the Italian election with the potential to destabilize financial markets, most notably the euro currency, is considered significantly lower than there was last year in France and, to a lesser extent, Germany. In addition, Italy’s  [...] Continue Reading ...

EUR/USD forms key topping pattern as dollar rises ahead of key data

Updated  Feb 20, 2018 12:44:47 PM

EUR/USD continued to pullback from its recent 1.2500-area highs on Tuesday, further forming a tentative double-top reversal pattern as the US dollar resumed its rebound from 3-year lows. Helping to boost the US dollar this week have been rising inflation expectations that have pushed up US government bond yields to new multi-year highs ahead of next month’s pivotal Federal Reserve policy meeting. Ahead of that highly anticipated FOMC meeting, this week features several major data  [...] Continue Reading ...

Week Ahead: Central bank minutes to guide interest rate expectations

Updated  Feb 16, 2018 2:25:29 PM

The past week in the markets has been dominated by dramatic, and often incongruent, moves that have been marked by still-buoyant volatility in the aftermath of the preceding week’s wild market swings. Through the course of the past week, equity markets rebounded sharply, paring much of the losses that were suffered when stock indexes briefly entered into correction territory during the first full week of February. This sharp equity rebound has occurred despite increasing fears  [...] Continue Reading ...

EUR/USD at major resistance as dollar weakness persists

Updated  Feb 15, 2018 1:59:19 PM

As the US dollar continued its persistent slump on Thursday despite enduring expectations of higher US inflation and interest rates, the EUR/USD rose to revisit major resistance around the 1.2500 handle, which is the area of recent 3-year highs. US government bond yields remained elevated near new multi-year highs in the aftermath of Wednesday’s US Consumer Price Index that was significantly higher than expected for both the headline and core inflation data and Thursday’s US  [...] Continue Reading ...

EUR/USD in the crosshairs ahead of busy week

Updated  Jan 29, 2018 1:36:54 PM

On Monday, EUR/USD pulled back further from its new 3-year high above 1.2500 that was just established late last week. This pullback was driven in large part by a rebound for the US dollar on Monday, which followed the greenback’s sharp plunge for much of the past three weeks. Looking ahead to the current week’s busy schedule of economic data and events from both the eurozone and the US, EUR/USD is likely to be significantly  [...] Continue Reading ...

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