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Gold loses luster but relief may be imminent

Updated  Dec 7, 2016 2:20:00 PM

Since the long-term highs in July, gold prices have been falling precipitously, giving back much of the gains made during the first half of the year. This downward spiral accelerated after Donald Trump won the US presidential election in early November, which caused interest rate and inflation expectations to surge while simultaneously boosting the US dollar and equity markets. The hastened plunge in gold for the past month has primarily been the result of a  [...] Continue Reading ...

Market Review & Outlook: Mixed Jobs Report Keeps High Fed Expectations Intact

Updated  Dec 2, 2016 10:40:00 AM

As we noted the day before Friday’s US jobs report, only a significantly worse-than-expected reading for November would have likely made the Federal Reserve’s next interest rate decision more difficult. A better-than-expected or in-line result would have simply reinforced the very high likelihood that the Fed would hike interest rates by 25 basis points on December 14. As it turns out, the jobs report was neither exceptionally positive nor overly negative, resulting in an expectedly  [...] Continue Reading ...

Silver lining for precious metals?

Updated  Dec 1, 2016 1:46:59 PM

I do apologise in advance for bombarding you with lots of commodity reports, but ahead of Friday’s NFP report, the FX markets tend to create lots of false moves, so it is difficult to make much of today’s moves. You could argue that it is the same for dollar-denominated commodities like gold and silver. Well that’s partly what I am trying to get at. Both precious metals have broken below their respective 61.8% Fibonacci retracement  [...] Continue Reading ...

US NFP Preview: Only an Awful Jobs Report Will Stop the Fed

Updated  Dec 1, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Much has changed since the last US jobs report was released in early November. Since that time, Donald Trump has unexpectedly become president-elect of the US, stocks have enjoyed a surprisingly strong rally to new all-time highs, the dollar has surged dramatically, and gold has suffered a precipitous decline. Inflation Largely responsible for the dollar and gold moves have been an increase in inflation expectations with a corresponding sharp rise in bond yields,  [...] Continue Reading ...

Is gold hammering out a bottom?

Updated  Nov 29, 2016 4:10:00 PM

There is no doubt that the price of gold has been pressured tremendously in the past two months, and especially since early November when Donald Trump became the new US president-elect. Although many had projected that gold could see a significant boost in the event of his victory due to the uncertainty surrounding Trump, quite the opposite has happened. Gold has fallen precipitously on rising bond yields, a strengthening US dollar, and ever-increasing expectations of  [...] Continue Reading ...

Gold rebounds off key level ahead of busy week

Updated  Nov 25, 2016 12:51:37 PM

As we reported the possibility on Friday of last week, gold did indeed fall further lower this week. The rising dollar, yields and US equity prices all weighed on the appeal of the buck-denominated, noninterest-bearing and perceived safe-haven precious metal. Next week, as well as the much-anticipated OPEC-meeting and top-tier Chinese economic data, we will also have important macro pointers from the worlds’ largest  [...] Continue Reading ...

Gold on shaky footing as dollar surges to highest since 2003

Updated  Nov 18, 2016 7:27:57 AM

Sentiment towards gold remains and grows negative by each passing day. The perceived safe-haven metal’s recent big plunge has been in part due to a sharp improvement in risk appetite, as highlighted for example by the rally in US equity prices. In addition, benchmark global bond yields have been rising, further damaging the appeal of the noninterest-bearing precious metal. But it is the dollar which is exerting the most pressure on the buck-denominated gold, as  [...] Continue Reading ...

Gold plunge pauses but downside risk remains

Updated  Nov 15, 2016 3:40:00 PM

After nearly a week of sharp declines in the aftermath of last week’s US presidential election, the price of gold paused for a breather on Tuesday. Fundamental pressures remain, however, in a market environment currently dominated by low market volatility and higher interest rate expectations. These prevailing conditions have been the primary forces driving gold prices lower, and are likely to continue impacting the precious metal at least on the immediate horizon. From a technical  [...] Continue Reading ...

USD/JPY rally maintained on strong dollar, yen pullback

Updated  Nov 15, 2016 1:00:00 PM

USD/JPY continued to surge on Tuesday, extending its post-election breakout rally, as the US dollar remained well-supported and the Japanese yen continued to pull back within a risk-on market environment. The dollar’s rally has been driven largely by expectations of greater spending and rising inflation under a Trump Administration leading to higher interest rates. Bond yields remain substantially elevated on Tuesday after the 10-year Treasury yield hit its highest level since last December on Monday,  [...] Continue Reading ...

Obstacles Ahead for Trump-Driven Markets

Updated  Nov 11, 2016 2:00:00 PM

Donald Trump’s dramatic victory this past week in the US presidential election was further accentuated by his Republican Party retaining majority control in both chambers of Congress. This provided some post-election confidence to US markets and the dollar, despite investors’ ongoing skittishness over Trump’s unpredictability. Though markets plunged sharply during the course of election night as soon as it became apparent that Trump could actually win, the next few days saw a sharp recovery as  [...] Continue Reading ...

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