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Online Security

Secure login
Ensuring the security of your personal information is of paramount importance to us. When you sign in to the trading platform, your User ID and password are secure.

The moment you click Login, we encrypt your User ID and password using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

Browser security indicators
You may notice when you are on our website that some familiar indicators do not appear in your browser to confirm the entire page is secure. Those indicators include the small "lock" icon in the bottom right corner of the browser frame and the "s" in the Web address bar (for example, "https").

To provide the fastest access to the trading platforms, we have made signing in to trading platforms secure without making the entire page secure. Again, please be assured that your ID and password are secure.

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Privacy policy


What are some of the features of FOREXTrader PRO?

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Some of the features of FOREXTrader PRO include:

  • Ribbon navigation that allows easy access to trading tools and resources
    ribbon navigation
  • A Strategy Center with automated buy and sell signals, choose from 15 user customizable pre-defined trading strategies or build your own
  • Integrated trade ideas and technical analysis provided by Autochartist and Trading Central
  • Charting features including technical indicators such as Keltner Channels and STARC bands and additional drawing tools, Andrew's Pitchfork and Extended Trendline
  • Extensive Economic Calendar and an easy-to-use order ticket

How do I add or remove products on the trading platform?

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FOREXTrader allows you to customize the platform to only show products that interest you. To select or unselect products, go to the Customize tab and click on the expand button in the Trading section. Check or uncheck the boxes in the Subscribe column. Click Finish to save your changes.

change products

What is the smallest available trade size?

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The smallest available trade size on FOREXTrader platforms is 1,000 units for currencies (.01 lots), 1 troy ounce for gold and 50 troy ounces for silver.

Is there a default trade size on the platform?

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On FOREXTrader PRO, you may customize the default size by product by clicking on the “Customize” tab and then the expand arrow in the Trading section.

How do I set my execution mode and tolerance levels?

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Within the Trading tab within the Customize section, use the Execution Mode drop-down to choose between Instant and Market Execution. To customize the tolerance setting for Market Execution, click the Edit Tolerance button. The tolerance setting can be defined by product.

How do I change the order of the products in the Trading Panel?

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Right click within the Trading Panel and select Edit Dealing Panel. Select the products you wish to move and use the up and down arrows to adjust the order.

What is the Strategy Center and where can I find it?

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Strategy Center

The Strategy Center allows you to access 15 user customizable pre-defined trading strategies as well as build your own using the Strategy Wizard. The Strategy Center includes the ability to back test strategies against historical data and then activate them to generate buy and sell signals in real time.

You can access the Strategy Center from the main menu under Trade and on the charting window by clicking on the Strategy Center icon located in the top left corner. This feature allows you to quickly:

  • Deactivate an existing strategy
  • Access performance reports
  • Apply a pre-defined trading strategy
  • Manage your existing strategies

How do I change the colors on the platform?

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Within the Customize tab, click on the Skin drop-down. There are several skins available to choose from.

What information is contained in the Information Box (i box)?

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The Information Box gives you quick access to information and trade management capabilities for a product. It contains current position information, quick links to manage the position, and a trading preferences section that allows you to customize the execution mode and tolerance.

Simply click on the i icon wherever you see it on the platform, or right click in the Open Positions, Active Orders, Activity Log or Chart windows (a row must be populated to initiate i box).

i box

How do I trade from the charts?

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There are several ways to intiate trades or orders from the charts. Dealing boxes are located in the top toolbar to quickly place trades.

Open trades and orders are plotted directly on the charts. To modify an order, click and drag the order line on the chart to the desired rate. A confirmation box will appear. Click Modify Order to confirm the new order rate.

You can also close your open position by right clicking on the position line and choosing Liquidate Current Position.

chart trading

What information is included in Account Summary?

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Account Summary displays Required Margin and Available Margin, which are updated in real time, as well as more account information.

  • Account Balance: The sum of all deposits, interest income and realized gains less all withdrawals, realized losses and incidental fees.
  • Unrealized P&L: The sum of all gains and losses of all open positions, calculated at the current rate.
  • Realized P&L: The sum of all gains and losses on positions that have been closed out during the trading day. This is reset at the close of the trading day (5pm ET).
  • Margin Balance: The Account Balance plus all current realized and unrealized P&L.
  • Margin Utilized: The margin that you have used to hold your current positions. It is calculated by multiplying the current price by the number of units traded and by the margin required ratio for the product.
  • Available Margin: Represents the difference between the Margin Balance and the Margin Utilized.
  • Required Margin: The required equity that a trader must have to hold a position. It is calculated by multiplying the current price by the number of units traded and by the margin required ratio for the product.

You can also see your Required Margin by product within the Open Positions window. To view a full summary of your account, click on the Account Summary meter in the lower left corner of the platform.

Account Summary

Account Summary

What is included in the Dealing Box?

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The dealing boxes include a variety of information about each currency pair, such as the Low, High and Current Spread for greater market insight and price transparency. dealing box

Where can I access my account reports?

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Account reports are accessible directly within the trading platform. Click on the Account tab in the main navigation and select Reports. Simply click on the report you want to view and specify the date range you want to see.

Account reports

Where can I access a userguide for FOREXTrader PRO?

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You can access the FOREXTrader PRO userguide by clicking here.