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Reasons Traders Choose

Ultra-competitive pricing

Trade on consistently tight spreads, in most market conditions. Our pricing is reliable, and always transparent.

Superior execution

We've automated every aspect of the trade process, with the goal of providing you the best execution on each and every trade. Our execution scorecard proves we deliver.

Sophisticated trading tools

Trading platforms designed to meet the needs of all kinds of traders. Our FOREXTrader and MetaTrader platforms combine advanced tools with high performance.

Exclusive research & analysis

Get actionable market insights from our research team and analytics & trading ideas delivered to you throughout the trading day - so you never miss a beat.

Mobile trading solutions

Our full suite of mobile trading solutions that include iPhone, iPad, Android apps and more, helps to ensure you’re never far from your next trading opportunity.

Dedicated customer support

Our team of licensed market professionals are available to assist you via phone, chat and email to answer questions, resolve issues and help you get the most out of's tools and research.

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