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FX Analysis and Technical Outlook

Updated -  Apr 8, 2016 2:30:00 PM

  This past week saw a prolonged consolidation for EUR/USD up against major resistance around the 1.1450 area. This consolidation is the latest culmination of a rising trend characterized by higher highs and higher lows since December’s lows near 1.0500. During the course of this uptrend,  [...] Continue Reading

GBP/USD poised for breakdown

Updated -  Apr 7, 2016 4:10:00 PM

Despite a lagging US dollar in recent days and weeks that has been dragged down by dovish signals emanating from the words of Federal Reserve officials, sterling has been even weaker. Weakness in the pound, which has fallen considerably as of late against other major currencies, including the dollar, euro, and yen, has been brought on not only by a rather consistently dovish Bank of England, but also by a looming June referendum that draws  [...] Continue Reading

GBP/USD: Brussels bombing boosts Brexit butterflies

Updated -  Mar 22, 2016 12:25:00 PM

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about today’s horrifying events in Brussels, and we wanted to start by saying that our thoughts go out to the bombing victims and their families. Not surprisingly, today’s events have overshadowed the traditional day-to-day movements of the markets and are leading to a big risk-off move in global equities, as well as safe haven demand for assets like gold, as my colleague Fawad Razaqzada noted earlier. Taking  [...] Continue Reading

FX Analysis and Technical Outlook

Updated -  Mar 18, 2016 11:00:00 AM

The primary global macroeconomic theme that prompted the most significant moves in the currency markets this past week was clearly central bank activity. In actuality, however, this theme can be more accurately described as inactivity, as all four major central banks that issued statements during the week kept interest rates unchanged. This included, in chronological order, the Bank of Japan, the US  [...] Continue Reading

GBP/USD: Bears break their fast on Brexit fears

Updated -  Mar 15, 2016 12:20:00 PM

The theme of today’s European session trade was undoubtedly risk aversion, with every major European equity bourse losing ground, bond yields generally rising, and oil losing another 2+%  thus far. As often happens in markets though, the big catalyst for today’s trade is not what most traders were expecting. Heading into today, most market participants were keyed in on today’s US economic data and preparing for the Federal Reserve’s announcement tomorrow. As it turns out  [...] Continue Reading

GBP/USD stalls at major resistance ahead of central bank meetings

Updated -  Mar 9, 2016 1:40:00 PM

As concerns over a potential UK exit of the European Union, or Brexit, have subsided for the time being, the focus of global market attention has shifted to several crucial meetings and statements from major central banks both this week and next week. While the Bank of Canada, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and European Central Bank all have major monetary policy events this week, next week has in store heavily-anticipated statements from both the  [...] Continue Reading

GBP/USD recovers and rebounds to major resistance

Updated -  Mar 7, 2016 12:45:00 PM

GBP/USD spent last week rising sharply in a rebound from its new 7-year low up to major resistance around the 1.4250 level. This rise occurred as the US dollar fell and worries about a potential UK exit of the European Union (Brexit) partially subsided. To start the new week on Monday, the dollar initially rose, prompting a GBP/USD turn back down from that 1.4250 resistance. By Monday afternoon, however, the dollar retreated once again, pushing  [...] Continue Reading

GBP/USD relief rally faces major challenges ahead

Updated -  Mar 2, 2016 11:10:00 AM

Sterling has rebounded against other major currencies for the first half of this week as a relief rally for the UK’s embattled currency has followed sharp plunges for the past two weeks. Contributing to the recent precipitous fall and continuing downtrend for GBP/USD has been a combination of: concerns over a UK exit from the European Union, a consistently dovish Bank of England, and positive economic data surprises coming out of the US. An exit  [...] Continue Reading

GBP/USD: Brexit, Burgers and Big Generational Support Levels

Updated -  Feb 26, 2016 11:05:00 AM

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that GBP/USD has been in freefall over the last several weeks amidst fears of a potential “Brexit” (UK exit from the European Union) come June. But in the current short-attention-span/24-hour news cycle/twitter zeitgeist, it’s easy to lose sight of the truly long-term picture. Not only has GBP/USD dropped down to test its lows from the Great Financial Crisis, but on a LONG-term perspective, the pair  [...] Continue Reading

GBP/USD plummets below major support

Updated -  Feb 24, 2016 3:45:00 PM

With the US dollar mostly flat or mixed against other major currencies on Wednesday, the British pound once again took center stage as it extended its plunge due to increasing fears over the ramifications of a potential UK exit from the European Union, or Brexit. Sterling fell against the dollar, euro, yen, and others, to extend its recent losses after British multinational bank, HSBC, issued a stern warning on Wednesday that a Brexit would damage  [...] Continue Reading

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