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GBP/USD testing 6-month old bearish trend despite weaker inflation figures

Updated -  Dec 16, 2014 7:30:00 AM

The pound has rallied against the dollar despite news inflation has fallen to a 12-year low in the UK. Although the fall in the headline CPI to just 1% in November  from 1.3% in October may not be a big surprise because of the recent drop in oil prices, the fact that core CPI has also unexpectedly fallen sharply – to 1.2% from 1.5% – may be a sign for concern. Nevertheless, the lower inflation  [...] Continue Reading

GBP/USD: Rising to the Occasional Fall

Updated -  Dec 9, 2014 1:55:48 PM

Early North American trade has been anything but smooth this morning as equity markets from around the globe have been a little tumultuous.  China kicked off the pain brigade with a 5.4% drop in a Shanghai Index, but the misery didn’t stop there.  While not quite as severe as the Shanghai, the Aussie 200 didn’t fare well, down over 1.5%, and the Hang Seng gave up 2.3% as well.  Europe and the US has followed  [...] Continue Reading

GBPUSD Vulnerable to a Major Breakdown After Stellar US NFP Report

Updated -  Dec 5, 2014 11:20:00 AM

More cynical traders jokingly refer to the release of the November NFP report as “the unofficial end of the trading year,”  due to the tendency for volume and volatility to recede heading into the traditional mid- and late-December holiday period. While we expect there will still be plenty of market-moving events for traders to capitalize on over the last three weeks of this year (the December Fed meeting will undoubtedly be a source of volatility,  [...] Continue Reading

Initial thoughts: UK Autumn Statement

Updated -  Dec 3, 2014 9:05:00 AM

Overall, this was a well-sign posted Autumn Statement that did not deliver too many surprises. The key things to note:  [...] Continue Reading

GBPUSD: BIG day for Cable has started positively…but will it last?

Updated -  Dec 3, 2014 6:20:45 AM

It is set to be a big day for the pound. We have already seen the release of some positive UK data in the form of the services PMI, which climbed to 58.6 in November from 56.2 the month before and easily surpassed expectations of 56.6. Later on today, George Osborne will take centre stage as he delivers the Autumn Forecast Statement. My colleague Kathleen Brooks has already written a preview for this HERE.  [...] Continue Reading

Re-cap: Autumn Statement: Osborne turns Scrooge as tax take declines

Updated -  Dec 3, 2014 4:45:00 AM

Today is Osborne’s big day, if you missed this from earlier this week, get our take on what to expect and the potential impact on UK markets below.   The Autumn  statement ahead of a General Election is usually a treasure trove of giveaways as Chancellors’ desperately do their bit to woo the electorate. However, this Wednesday at approx. 1230 GMT/ 0730 ET when UK Chancellor George Osborne takes to the stage at the House of  [...] Continue Reading

Autumn statement: Osborne turns scrooge as tax take declines

Updated -  Dec 1, 2014 11:20:00 AM

The Autumn  statement ahead of a General Election is usually a treasure trove of giveaways as Chancellors’ desperately do their bit to woo the electorate. However, this Wednesday at approx. 1230 GMT/ 0730 ET when UK Chancellor George Osborne takes to the stage at the House of Commons, he is likely to deliver an autumn statement that is long on penny pinching and short on giveaways. The forecasts matter… Compared to other statements  [...] Continue Reading

November Month-End Model Signals Potential USD Weakness

Updated -  Nov 26, 2014 11:15:00 AM

Background: Traders often discuss how ‘month end’ flows may impact a currency or a currency pair during the last few day(s) of the month. These flows are caused by global portfolio managers rebalancing their existing currency hedges. If the value of one country’s equity and bond markets increases, these fund managers typically look to sell or hedge their elevated risk in that country’s currency and rebalance their exposure back to an underperforming country’s currency. The  [...] Continue Reading

Blizzards, Beaches, and the Rising US Dollar Tide

Updated -  Nov 18, 2014 9:20:00 AM

Blizzards, Beaches, and the Rising US Dollar Tide For those who have never sat on a beach and watched the ocean tide come in, it’s a practice I wholeheartedly recommend. The gradual rise in overall water levels is almost imperceptible, but as each wave recedes, another one rises to take its place and extend the peak water level ever-so-slightly. Perhaps it’s the unusually early blizzard bombarding our Michigan office today, but it’s particularly  [...] Continue Reading

CPI gives GBP a boost, but it’s only temporary

Updated -  Nov 18, 2014 5:50:00 AM

The pound has bounced this morning and made fresh highs of the day after CPI was stronger than expected. The October reading rose to 1.3%, the market had expected it to remain at 1.2%. Considering the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney was dovish in last week’s Quarterly Inflation Report and said that there was a risk that inflation could fall below 1% in the coming months, was he being too cautious? Call of  [...] Continue Reading

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