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Autochartist pattern recognition software - fully integrated into the FOREXTrader PRO trading platform - automatically detects emerging chart patterns across forex, index and commodity markets. Continuously scanning during market hours, Autochartist's technical analysis includes auto-generated Trade Ideas and detection of emerging and completed patterns within minutes of pattern formations.

Autochartist's features include:

  • Trade Ideas - concise and easy to understand, Trade Ideas contain entry levels, stop loss and take profit levels.
  • Pattern recognition – allows you to incorporate technical analysis into your trading strategy while saving you time by highlighting opportunities that may otherwise be missed.
  • Emerging Patterns- identifies patterns where a breakout has not yet occurred and visually illustrates levels at which support or resistance are expected.
  • Confidence indicators - helping you to judge to the confidence with which the software is predicting.

FOREXTrader PRO charts are professional-grade, highly customisable charting that include more than 70 advanced technical indicators and a wide array of chart types and time frames to help identify trends and plan trading strategies.

Enjoy fast and convenient trading directly from the charts, and unlimited ability to create and save customised charts that can be applied to any forex or CFD product. FOREXTrader PRO charts are fully integrated with our award-winning FOREXTrader PRO trading platform.

Main features include:

  • 11 time intervals with several chart types
  • Key technical indicators including Stochastics, MACD, SMA, Bollinger Bands and more so you can delve into price action
  • Buy and sell buttons located directly on the charting page
  • Convenient tabbed design for easy access to the charts that interest you most
  • Full screen mode gives you plenty of room to plot out intricate trading strategies
  • Interactive plotting tools make it easy to set up your trading strategy. Draw trend lines, Fibonacci levels and make notes directly on the charts.

eSignal software gives you access to FOREXTrader PRO's pricing and executions while offering extensive analytical studies and drawing tools. This comprehensive charting package, developed by a leader in charting for over 25 years, is free to customers who maintain an average account balance of over $1,000 or currency.


Strategy Center

The FOREXTrader PRO Strategy Center allows you to develop strategies for entering and exiting positions, test strategies against historical data and easily activate trading strategies.

Once your strategy is activated, buy and sell signals are plotted on real-time charting as automated trade signals to identify potential entry and exit points.


  • Choose from 15 pre-defined trading strategies or write your own using TradeScript and the Strategy Wizard
  • Backtest strategies and review against both charts and performance metrics
  • Test your strategy in real-time
  • Utilise Performance Reports to review and optimise your trading strategy

Refer to page 38 in the FOREXTrader PRO Userguide for a comprehensive overview of the Strategy Center. Strategy Center is only available on FOREXTrader PRO download.

Market research

Our expert global Research Team provide free insight and analysis across currencies, indices and commodities. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, their free daily, weekly and quarterly written and video market updates will help you keep on top of what’s affecting the markets.

Don’t miss their  Live Trading Sessions where they asses live markets and end with a Q&A session.

The Research Team also run our platform integrated ‘Insider’ tool which provides registered users with actionable intraday analysis of news, events and technical levels.

You can follow the research team on Twitter.

Trading Central

Trading Central are award-winning independant research providers. They distribute technical analysis research that covers index, forex and commodity markets, and with a FOREXTrader PRO account you can receive their reports for free.

Trading Central’s traditional and proprietary indicators with pattern recognition help you evaluate directional moves, identify price targets and scan the markets for trade ideas.


  • Powerful reports - packed with technical views, trading sentiment and core entry and exit strategies for select currency pairs.
  • Technical analysis - Optimise the timing of your trades with Technical Analysis that focuses on emerging technical signals and review trade scenarios.
  • Technical indicators - Customize daily views to show only the currencies and technical indicators you care about, including popular indicators.
  • Valuable education - by breaking down their methodologies they help you to learn and understand how to make decision based on technical analysis.

Open an account to access Trading Central's research for free.

Reuters news

Industry recognised Reuters news provides FOREXTrader PRO with streaming news commentary and insightful research and analysis. Real-time concise headlines offer comprehensive coverage of market news across all forex and CFD markets.

Open an account or login to the FOREXTrader PRO platform to access Reuters news.