Understanding Trading

Understanding Trading

This series of articles starts with an essential guide on the basics of foreign currency trading. Readers are then introduced to the comparisons between forex and stocks, before we explore the importance of the news cycle as it relates to forex, and also look at some different trading strategies.

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What is forex trading and why does it appeal to retail traders?

If you’re interested in trading, and have perhaps already started creating a portfolio, it might be the right time to consider the opportunities available in forex trading.

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Forex versus stocks: How do these two trading instruments compare?

Trading currencies and trading on a company’s share price involve very different tactics. Which suits you? Read on to find out.

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Currency pair correlation: How does FX align with other assets?

How do forex pairs interact with each other – and with other asset classes such as commodities and equities? Find out in this in-depth article.

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How GDP data helps forex traders consider the bigger picture

Gross Domestic Product data is important for economists. That means it’s important for the financial markets, particularly so for forex currency pairs involving the dollar.

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How to use NFP data to help your forex trading

Read our guide to understand why NFP data releases are such important “signposts” for forex traders and discover some of the ways in which traders react to the news.

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How CPI impacts forex trading

The Consumer Price Index or CPI is a critical inflation measure and an essential economic indicator for forex traders to follow. Here’s more on what it is and how it’s applied.

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How to day trade forex: Introduction and strategy

Day trading is a short-term trading strategy and involves making trades over the course of a few minutes to a few hours. Here, we look at what day trading is and how it can be applied to forex.

How to day trade forex

What is swing trading and how does it work in forex?

Swing trading suits agile forex traders looking for trading opportunities from favorable chart patterns. It’s about reacting to daily price action and taking a view on the short-term direction of a particular market.

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Forex scalping strategy: What to know about scalp trading forex

Scalping is the shortest-term trading strategy, involving many quick trades to try and secure small profits – but it comes with a significant degree of risk. Here, we dive into what scalping is and how it can be applied to forex.

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What to know about forex interest rate trading

Interest rates are crucial to follow for forex traders. Here, discover more about how rates impact currency markets and how they can be incorporated into a strategy.

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10 Questions on stock CFDs

We took note of the most common questions we hear about stock CFDs, and present here a list of detailed answers to help you feel comfortable and confident about your trades.

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CFD Leverage and Margin

Leverage is a key feature of contract for difference (CFD) trading – enabling you to open positions by paying a fraction of their full value, known as your margin. Let’s take a look at how leverage works in CFDs.

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CFD Trading

Start CFD Trading with a trusted provider. Go long or short on 1000s of CFD markets – including Indices, Shares, FX and Commodities.

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CFD Trading Costs

Learn about CFD costs here. Including when you’ll pay CFD commission, which markets are free of commission, how overnight financing works and more.

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CFD Trading Examples

See how CFD trading works in practice with our step-by-step CFD examples on Wall Street and Twitter.

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How to Trade CFDs

Interested in CFD trading? Follow this step-by-step guide and get started today. Learn what contracts for difference (CFDs) are, how to trade CFDs and more.

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The ins and outs of stock CFDs: What you need to know before trading CFDs

Stock or equity CFDs are trading instruments that allow you to speculate on the direction a particular company’s shares will move. We explain exactly how they work.

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Top 10 tips for CFD traders

Do you want to get started as a CFD trader? It really pays to prepare fully, set yourself goals and learn exactly how the markets work. Read our guidance to build your knowledge.

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What are CFDs and why should you trade them?

We explain how CFD trading works, so you can decide whether you want to start buying and selling contracts for difference today, or in the near future.

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What is CFD Trading and How Does it Work?

Learn how to go long or short on thousands of global financial markets with CFDs in this comprehensive guide. Starting at the very beginning – what CFD trading is, and how it works.

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