Understanding Trading

CFD Trading

CFD Trading

Start CFD Trading with a trusted provider. Go long or short on 1000s of CFD markets – including Indices, Shares, FX and Commodities.

  • Trade with spreads from 0.5 points
  • Access 1000s CFDs from one account
  • Open an account in minutes
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Market name Typical spread Margin from*
UK 100 1 point 15%
Germany 30 1.2 points 15%
EUR/USD 1 point 3%
Gold 0.45 points (around market spread) 22.5%
US Crude 0.04 points (around market spread) 10%

*Margin for USD accounts. For CAD, visit the margin page


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Why trade CFDs with FOREX.com?

Pay less on spreads

FX from 0.8 points. 1 point on major Indices.

Hedge your investments

Use CFDs to hedge your existing share portfolio or investments.

Trade 100s CFD markets

Trade CFDs on Indices, FX, Shares and Commodities from one account.

Find new trading opportunities

View buy/sell opportunities from our research portal.

Use advanced trading platforms

Trade CFDs on our Mobile app, Web Trader or MetaTrader platforms.

Skip the commission

Commission-free CFD trading on all CFD markets except Shares.


Trade wherever you are on our fast, reliable platforms

Customisable charts

16 chart types with 80+ indicators designed to help you perform technical analysis

Award-winning platform

Our powerful technology is designed to suit you, whatever your level of trading expertise

Actionable trade ideas

Our research portal highlights trade ideas using fundamental and technical analysis

Trade anytime, anywhere

Follow the markets on native apps built specifically for your smartphone


Benefits of trading CFDs

Go short or long

Trade on falling markets (going short) as well as rising ones

Hedge your portfolio

Use CFDs to offset losses in an existing share portfolio

Trade on margin

Use a small deposit to control a larger position in the market

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What Can I Trade with CFDs?

Fixed 1-point spreads on major Indices†
Trade on thousands of global Shares from 0.1% commission
Trade EUR/USD and USD/JPY from 0.8 points
Trade Gold from 0.45 points – plus Oil, Silver and more

What is CFD trading?

CFD Trading is a financial product that enables you to go long and short on a huge range of financial instruments. CFDs are popular with investors who want the opportunity to try to make a better return for their money.

However, CFDs contain significant risks to your capital and aren’t suitable for everyone. We strongly suggest doing your research and trading on a demo account before you try it with your own money.


Trade 24 hours a day

Access CFDs on 1000s of global markets

Profit from falling markets by going short

Make your money work harder

Learn more about CFD Trading

How CFD Trading works

Find out more about Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading.


How to trade CFDs

Follow these steps to start trading CFDs today.


CFDs trading costs

What charges do you pay when trading CFDs?


Start CFD Trading

  1. APPLY

for an account

  1. FUND

using your card or via bank transfer

  1. TRADE

on powerful platforms


How to trade CFDs

  1. Choose a CFD market
    Decide which market you want to trade on. Get bullish and bearish trading ideas in our fundamental and technical analysis research portal
  2. Decide to buy or sell
    Click 'buy' if you think the price will increase in value or ‘sell’ if you think the market will fall in value
  3. Select your trade size
    Choose how many CFDs you want to trade
  4. Add a stop loss
    A stop loss is an order to close your position at a predetermined price set by you, to avoid incurring losses beyond your comfort level.
  5. Monitor and close your trade
    Once you have placed your trade, you will monitor profit/loss update in real time at the top of the screen. Exit your trade by clicking the close trade button


The FOREX.com Advantage

Trade with confidence and benefit from the reliability of a trusted broker with a proven record of stability, security and strength.


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  • Maximum value & reliability
  • Superior trade executions
  • Sophisticated trader tools
  • Professional guidance & support
  • Financial strength and security
  • Strong regulatory framework