Foundation of Forex Trading Series

This ongoing series is tailored to those with some experience trading forex trading looking to improve their knowledge of specific areas of technical analysis.

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How to balance looking for profits and managing risk when trading forex volatility

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 - 7pm ET

These days, one hears a lot about balance: we must have a balanced diet, balanced work and balanced lifestyles. Perhaps the COVID pandemic has made us more aware of how important “balance” really is, especially with how volatile and uncertain the markets have become over the last few months

Regardless, trading also needs to include a balance. During this live webinar, our presenter will cover the following points:

  • How using a stop loss and position sizing can assist with balancing risk and profit seeking when trading leveraged markets
  • How trading higher time frames can help lower the risk of trading against the market’s flow and potentially maximize trading profits
  • The significance of trading diversity across several markets rather than sticking to just one or two of your favorite ones
  • How to incorporate leverage and margin into a well-considered risk management plan
  • Demonstrate how to use orders to place trades and manage risk on the Advanced Trading platform

Designed for: Intermediate forex traders with more than 12 months trading experience

Run Time: 1 Hour

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