Germany 30

As one of the biggest exporters in the world, the main German index moves with international demand for its goods and particularly its cars.

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Germany 30

Interesting facts

The Germany 30 consists of the biggest companies traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The size of the listed company is determined by book value and market capitalisation. Currently, the index is dominated by financial (inc. insurance), automotive, healthcare and chemicals sectors. Its sheer size decrees that it is very dominant index in Europe, i.e. it can carry some influence over its counterparts in Europe.

Fixed spread from Open Frankfurt Leverage up to
2.0 pts 0800-2200 200:1

Price drivers

Germany is an integral part of the Eurozone as it has the largest economy in the Europe, but is also an export based economy which makes the index susceptible to sentiment surrounding its trading partners. Also, the dominance of the automotive, healthcare and chemical sectors means they should be watched closely as they may have the ability to lead the overall market. Furthermore, government policy has the ability to drive investor sentiment.