Performance Analytics, your trading coach

Gain a deeper understanding of your trading psychology and ensure that it works for you instead of against you.

✓ Set your trading plan
✓ Track your discipline
✓ Analyze your trading patterns

Explore your potential room for improvement with Performance Analytics

If you find yourself struggling to stay in a winning trade, or if you let your emotions take over when things are not going well, you are not alone. Emotions and biases are powerful influences on trading, but most traders are unaware of how much it impacts their performance.

With realistic goal setting, live discipline tracking, and psychological insights into what makes you tick, Performance Analytics is your revolutionary digital mentor. Discipline, knowledge, and skill are essential to trading. Performance Analytics arms you with the right tools to achieve all three, so you can trade with confidence.

Teach yourself about yourself, step by step

In life, self-reflection and understanding is vital. The same applies with trading. With our exclusive Performance Analytics technology, we can help you to better comprehend your trading psychology. Our systematic approach comes in four steps, designed to enhance your trading:

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Set up for success from day one

Your personal blueprint for your own success.
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Stay disciplined in real time

Simple traffic lights – stay green and be in control.

Learn from your past behaviour

Ill-discipline happens. Knowing the cost can help you recover more quickly.

Manage your emotions and biases

Whether it's speed, volatility, or even time of day – know your best opportunities for trading.

Discover the highlights of Performance Analytics

Trading Plan

Take advantage of Trading Plan and the suite of tools from Performance Analytics to track, measure and monitor your trades according to your goals.
Discover our trading plan


Get real-time feedback to make sure you stay on track with your trading strategy. PlayMaker helps you to reduce costly mistakes and improve performance.
Be in control with PlayMaker


Review is part of Performance Analytics, giving you a comprehensive view of your trading to develop a deeper understanding of how you could improve it.
Learn from your trading history with review


GamePlan is a feature of Performance Analytics. Discover unique insights that can reveal your trading strengths and weaknesses with our exclusive technology.
Reveal your edge with GamePlan

PlayMaker video tutorials

Setting a trading plan

Learn how to create an optimized trading plan with PlayMaker’s powerful assistance.

Monitor live trades and review your plan

Get real-time feedback on your trading behavior with PlayMaker's live discipline monitor.

Build discipline into your trading strategies

Complement your trading strategy by using Performance Analytics to analyze your P&L, trades by market and much more.

Refine your trading behaviors

Take an in-depth look at how you trade. See your trade history from a variety of perspectives and uncover your least and most successful habits.

Use the tool to set your own targets and review your ongoing performance to become the best trader you can be. 


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Discover your trading edges

Ready to start using Performance Analytics to enhance you trading and analyze past performance? Get started by watching our Trading Edges video guides below, then log in to your trading account to use the Performance Analytics tool.

Strategy Edges

Analyze your P&L, Performance, Win Ratio and more.

Timing Edges

Break down your trading performance by timeframes.

Psychology Edges

Discover how psychology affects your trading habits.

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