Fine-tune your performance with GamePlan

Do you ever feel that sometimes you are in the zone, and other times you can't get any decisions correct? GamePlan helps you unravel your key strengths and weaknesses that impact your performance.

✓ Discover your strengths
✓ Identify your weaknesses
✓ Learn from your scorecard

Put your GamePlan into action

Dig deeper into your trading past with our unique and innovative features.

Your scorecard

Moment of truth – do you hit your Trading Plan metrics? Use scorecard to adjust your plan to achievable goals.

Trading metrics

Are your metrics showing you spend twice as long in losing trades compared to winning ones? Knowledge is power – measure and adjust your behaviour.

Your edges

GamePlan's unique psychological metrics give you clear paths to change your behaviour.

Habits by the numbers

Which habit is your best and which is costing the most money? Prioritize with confidence when you can see the cost of emotional trading.

GamePlan explained

Do you perform badly after a winning streak?

Is your first trade of the day rushed to get you into the markets as fast as possible?

Does low market volatility make you trade for the sake of it?

GamePlan gives you these answers, along with a host of other edges.