Dominate discipline with PlayMaker

Every trading day is different, and emotions can swing as wildly as the markets. PlayMaker is here to help you navigate the unpredictability and keep you on track toward achieving your goals.

PlayMaker will provide real time feedback about your trades, empowering you to make confident trading decisions, and help you reduce costly mistakes.

✓ Stay in control
✓ Manage your risk
✓ Track your discipline

PlayMaker gives you command

PlayMaker can help you avoid emotional trading mistakes and build up your discipline.

Individual risk

Monitor every open position and its distance from your targets and limits in one simple chart.

Daily losses

Track your daily risk capital to ensure you can negotiate tough trading days better.

Open trades

Set a limit on how many positions you can open at one time, to help against overtrading.

Trading streaks

Recognize a damaging losing streak and know when it’s time to take a break.

PlayMaker explained

PlayMaker monitors every trade against your trading plan. It scores every trade that you close – as disciplined or undisciplined, regardless of whether its profitable or not.