Use your past to progress

Like an athlete runs back the film to learn from their performance, the same can be done with trading, and this is where Review steps in.

Our unique technology will break down your trades to provide you with a comprehensive view of how you performed, according to your Trading Plan. But it doesn't stop there – we also analyze your personal trading style to provide insights into what is working for you, and what needs improving.

✓ Track your plan
✓ Keep habits in check
✓ Debrief your day

Review helps you reflect with accuracy

Learn how your behaviour has affected the way you trade.

Discipline score

Can you remain 100% disciplined?

Discipline breakdown

See the cost of undisciplined trades over time.

Performance review

Discover if your metrics allowed you to master the targets that you set for this period.

Periodic statements

Deep dive into your performance with daily, weekly, month and yearly statements.