Positive results begin with a proactive plan

As traders, we start off with great intentions to stick to a plan. The reality is that tracking, measuring, and monitoring your plan can be difficult to maintain.

What if all those details were managed for you – so you could simply focus on one trade at a time? Our exclusive Performance Analytics Trading Plan is the answer.

✓ Define your Money Management
✓ Manage your emotional triggers
✓ Set your target metrics

Behind the curtains of Trading Plan

Defining and sticking to your Trading Plan is made easy, by concentrating on three key areas of trading:
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The first rule in making money is to not lose it. Our money management helps you define how much risk you want to take and provides updates before limits are exceeded.
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Managing emotions is one of the most overlooked elements in trading. We let you set your own warning system.

Performance Analytics will alert you if emotional trading starts occurring, giving you the opportunity to stop and correct yourself immediately.



Trading without tracking metrics is like trying to lose weight without scales. And even then, you need to know what statistics to look for.

By focusing on improving metrics you can build your trading skills incrementally.

Discover the highlights of Performance Analytics


Get real-time feedback to make sure you stay on track with your trading strategy. PlayMaker helps you to reduce costly mistakes and improve performance.
Be in control with PlayMaker


Review is part of Performance Analytics, giving you a comprehensive view of your trading to develop a deeper understanding of how you could improve it.
Learn from your trading history with review


GamePlan is a feature of Performance Analytics. Discover unique insights that can reveal your trading strengths and weaknesses with our exclusive technology.
Reveal your edge with GamePlan