Frequently Asked Questions New Mobile App

How do I download the new mobile app on my device?

Can I view my existing open positions and orders from within the new mobile app?

What security features are in place to protect my account information?

How do I add stops and limits?

How do I create a watch list?

How do I create a chart template?

How do I see individual positions?

How do I adjust parameters on an indicator?

Why can't I see my positions on the chart?

How can I trade off the chart?

My trade keeps getting rejected due to price tolerance, where can I adjust that? 

I would like to practice using the new app, but my demo has expired, how can I renew it?

How do I download statements?

What are the new features for the new app?

Is this available for iPad/tablet?

Can I still use the old app and when is the deadline for when it will stop working?

Will my pending orders and positions move over to the new app?

Do you have a tutorial for the new app?

Can I move over my customized chart templates?

How do I check if I already have the latest version?