Banks cashing in on the pandemic ?

Trade the major banks as they release Q2 figures this earnings season.

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What is the current state of the banking industry?

2020 was an extremely challenging year for the banks. Share prices across the sector halved as the pandemic took hold and investors fretted over how the economic downturn would impact the banks’ retail and commercial businesses. However, thanks to unprecedented fiscal and monetary support, combined with successful vaccine programmes in the US & UK, banks’ share prices have since recovered. Several US firms in the sector, including JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, are now even back to all-time highs. So, will Q2’s earnings season accelerate this recovery across the banking industry, or could weak results send prices downwards once again?

The Big 6 Banks

Barclays plc


Goldman Sachs

JP Morgan

Morgan Stanley

Lloyds Banking Group

Key Dates

  Company   Date
  JP Morgan Chase and Co. 
  13th July 2021 
  Bank of America 
  14th July 2021
  14th July 2021
  Wells Fargo and Co. 
  14th July 2021
  Morgan Stanley
  15th July 2021
  Barclays plc
  28th July 2021 
  Lloyds Banking Group 
  29th July 2021
  HSBC Holdings Inc. 
  2nd August 2021

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