The safe haven of the financial markets is a precious metal that's extremely popular during economic crises.

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Interesting facts

Gold’s popularity has grown over the past few years as an alternative currency trade. Many traders look to the precious metal as a hedge against inflation and storage of value – thus, it is often referred to as a “safe-haven” investment. Historically, gold prices tend to move inversely with the U.S. dollar, however with rising geopolitical uncertainty over the past 5-years this correlation is no longer as evident. In response to greater demand and product diversification, gold has begun to trade relative to other currencies as well. Currently, we offer XAU/USD, XAU/EUR, XAU/GBP, XAU/CHF, XAU/AUD.

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Price drivers

Gold is affected by the overall health of the global economy – this is measured by GDP growth, inflation, employment data and interest rates. Additionally, the monetary policies of some of the largest central banks of the world, and whether they are tightening or expanding their policies also greatly influence the price of gold. Supply/demand dynamics as well as financial market sentiment are other factors investors should take into account when trading the yellow metal.