Thematic Indices

Trade a sector-themed index of equities including
FAANGS+, Green or ESG with our Thematic Indices.

  • Go long or short
  • Trade with margin from 5%
  • Gain exposure to large-cap equities
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Thematic indices markets

Trade on industry-related index markets to express a broad directional view on each sector.

  • tech stocks


    Take a position on an equity index of Silicon Valley giants.

    Example markets: Facebook, Intel, Amazon, Apple, Tesla

Why trade thematic indices?

Broaden your investments

Diversify your portfolio

Increase your exposure to the world's top financial markets
Analyze the market tick-by-tick

Improve your trading potential

Go long or short on any of our thematic indices
Take advantage of leverage

Hedge open positions

Manage your risk tolerance by hedging equity positions
Trading tools, made for traders

Broaden your trading opportunities

Tap into the opportunity of a sector, without stock-specific risks
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How to trade thematic indices

Traders may use thematic indices to:
  • Hedge equity positions
  • Manage risk and volatility
  • Gain exposure to large cap equities
  • Secure a source of liquidity
  • Take a risk-reward position

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