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Oliver Brett

Financial Writer

Oliver Brett is a financial writer based in StoneX's London office and writes for both City Index and FOREX.com.

He joined the company after a long and productive career in news and sport journalism, including 10 years at the BBC, and has also had bylines in the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail. He is particularly interested in cryptocurrency, IPOs and the renewable energy sector.


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TrillerNet IPO: Everything you need to know about TrillerNet

TrillerNet runs an app, Triller, that rivals Tik-Tok and a pay-per-view boxing broadcaster. It also has plans to go public, but the devil, as ever, is in the detail. Read on to find out more.

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July 14, 2022 12:10 PM
Market chart showing uptrend

What does ‘buy the dip’ mean and is it a good strategy?

In trading terminology, ‘buy the dip’ refers to the tactic of buying (or going long on) an asset that has experienced a recent depreciation in value, in the expectation that the same asset will soon resume an upward trajectory. Read on as we explain more about ’buying the dip’.

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Softline IPO: Everything you need to know about Softline

Russian IT company Softline, which has its HQ in London, completed its IPO on the London Stock Exchange in October 2021. The Softline IPO initially valued the company at around $1.5 billion, about 25% below what it had initially looked for. Read on to learn more about Softline.

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Moderna: Everything you need to know about Moderna stock

Moderna has risen rapidly through the ranks of “big pharma” companies after winning multiple contracts to produce Covid-19 vaccines for large sections of the world’s populations. But is it profitable and what scope does it have for growth? Read our guide for the full lowdown.

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November 3, 2021 04:57 PM
Electric vehicle charging

Volvo IPO: Everything you need to know about Volvo Cars

Swedish car brand Volvo has made its stock exchange debut. Here's more on the carmaker's history, strategy and valuation following the Volvo IPO.

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Oxford Nanopore: Everything you need to know about Oxford Nanopore

Oxford Nanopore, whose DNA sequencing technology has been essential in tracking Covid-19 variants around the world, completed a highly successful IPO on September 30, 2021. Read on to find out how a company started by three Oxford University scientists in 2005 has become a key player in global biotech.

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October 1, 2021 05:00 PM
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Very Group IPO: Everything you need to know about Very

Once known as Shop Direct, the UK online shopping giant Very Group is said to be lining up Barclays, Morgan Stanley and UBS to assist in its IPO. Read on as we explain more about the Very Group initial public offering (IPO).

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September 24, 2021 10:51 AM

Freshworks IPO: Everything you need to know about Freshworks

Freshworks, which provides integrated software solutions for companies, raised more than $1 billion in its September 2021 IPO. That gave the Salesforce rival a valuation in excess of $10 billion dollars. Read on for more on this story.

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September 22, 2021 07:42 AM

Olam IPO: Everything you need to know about Olam

Olam partners with independent farmers across the world to help them bring natural and sustainable food ingredients to market. It has announced its intention to list its core operating group Olam Food Ingredients (OFI) via an initial public offering (IPO). Read on to discover why Olam wants to go public.

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September 15, 2021 10:27 AM

Toast IPO: Everything you need to know about Toast

Toast filed for an initial public offering in August 2021. It sells software that is optimised for the restaurant industry, allowing restaurant owners and managers to streamline both online and in-store orders. Read on as we explain more about the Toast IPO.

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September 13, 2021 06:05 AM
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Forbes SPAC: Everything you need to know about Forbes

Forbes is an American magazine and digital publishing brand focused on business. It targets luxury brands for advertising and a readership featuring high net worth clients. Its next stage is to go public. Read on to discover why and how it is making this move.

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September 10, 2021 09:54 AM