Professional Client Account

Professional traders who meet the criteria can qualify for services designed to accommodate their unique needs, including broker-assisted dealing* and a dedicated market strategist. However, you will lose the following benefits:
  • Negative balance protection
  • Lower leverage limits
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Increasing leverage increases risk. Professional clients can incur losses that exceed deposits.

*Available for qualified clients on complex order types during UK trading hours

Compare Margin Rates

Major FX
Major Indices
Cryptos Platform
Major FX 0.25%
Major Indices 0.25%
Commodities 0.50%
Shares 3%
Cryptos 5%
Metatrader Platform
Major FX 0.25%
Major Indices 0.50%
Commodities 0.25%
Shares N/A
Cryptos N/A

Professional Client status details

We're not obligated to offer the following to Professional Clients but have elected to continue doing so:

  • money transfers segregated accounts
    Client money remains segregated from our funds and will be unaffected in the event of our insolvency.
  • Fast trades and consistent execution
    Best Execution remains unchanged as we owe all our clients a duty of best execution.
  • alert notification
    The detail of Trade Confirmations remain unchanged and are sent by the end of the first business day following the execution of the trade, or earlier.
  • reports
    Key Information Documents remain available to you.

As a Professional Client, you will lose some FCA protections:

  • Take advantage of leverage
    Margin and leverage limits remain unchanged despite the changes that ESMA introduces for retail clients.
  • no protection
    Mandatory changes to product features which protect retail clients will not be mandatory for you (e.g. negative balance protection and margin close out levels).
  • Leverage
    We will assume you have the relevant knowledge and experience levels to understand the risks in trading leveraged products.
  • Trading tools, made for traders
    We may use more sophisticated language when dealing with you as a Professional Client than we do with our retail clients.

Professional Clients also:

  • Remain eligible for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if you are a natural person
  • Retain the rights to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service when trading in a personal capacity

More about Professional Client requirements

Trade Volume
You have traded, in significant size, in the forex/CFD markets or other leveraged products (e.g. indices, shares, spread bets, futures, options, other derivatives etc.) at an average frequency of 10 transactions per quarter over the previous four quarters (with and/or other providers).

The size of your financial instrument portfolio, defined as including cash deposits and financial instruments, exceeds EUR 500,000 (or equivalent in your local currency).

Acceptable examples of savings and investments: Cash savings, stock portfolio, stocks and shares ISA, trading accounts, mutual funds, SIPP (excluding non-financial instruments).

Unacceptable examples of savings and investments: Company pension, non-tradeable assets, property, luxury cars, jewellery.

Professional Experience
You work or have worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position, which requires knowledge of the transactions or services envisaged.

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