ESMA Regulatory Changes

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MT4 Orders & Positions FAQs

The following FAQs apply to clients who held open positions at 10pm BST on 27th July, and thus have both 'New' and 'Existing' accounts (with the exception of Q2, which applies to all new positions opened from 29th July).

How do I open new positions?

What are the margin requirements for new positions?

Why is my margin requirement not decreasing after I place stop loss orders?

Can I open new positions on my existing account, with the previous margin requirements?

Are my existing positions made prior to 29 July subject to the new margin requirements?

Where are my existing positions made prior to 29 July?

Can I keep my existing positions open?

What will happen to stops and other risk-management features on my open positions?

I have an open position on a future contract. Can I roll over to the next contract?

Where can I see my Trading History prior to 29 July?