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Forex Academy & Platform Tutorials

Achieving peak performance as a forex trader relies upon having a deep understanding of the features and functionality of your forex trading platform. Through our Forex Academy, you can learn how to take full advantage of today’s web-based, desktop and mobile trading applications.

Forex trading platform

Forex Academy And Platform Tutorials

Regardless of your experience level, our Forex Academy has the resources necessary to help make your journey into the foreign exchange markets a success. Whether you are conducting business on a mobile, web-based or desktop platform, understanding the ins and outs of your trading software is essential to optimizing performance.

Trading Platform Overview

Featuring a daily volume of more than $5 trillion, the foreign currency exchange market (forex, FX) is the largest trading venue in the world. It exists as a digital, over-the-counter (OTC) marketplace that matches institutional liquidity providers with retail traders and investors worldwide.

So, what exactly is forex trading? It’s the act of converting one currency to another courtesy of a software trading platform. To learn more about how FX trading software helps facilitate business on the forex, check out our platform overview today.

Trading Platform Overview

Understand Web Charting Basics

For anyone who that interested in engaging the forex from a technical standpoint, it’s essential to understand the basic elements of charting. Even for committed fundamental traders, a working knowledge of chart-related concepts can be useful in conducting day-to-day trades.

While your trading style is uniquely your own, it’s important to understand charting and its role in a software trading platform. For more information about charting on’s web-based FOREXTrader Pro, feel free to check out the Advanced Charts Basics webinar brief.

Learn More About The Basics Of Web Trading Charts

Tutorials On Advanced Charting And Indicators

If you are taking a forex course to broaden your trading horizons, be sure that a platform tutorial is included. The tutorial should cover advanced features as well as basic web-based applications. Aside from the primary curriculum of a forex course, it should at least acknowledge the importance of the FX trading platform. Learning how to utilize the platform to its fullest potential is a critical aspect of boosting performance in both the short and long-run. The following are two such lessons provided courtesy of

Learn How to Trade from the Charts

Advanced Charting

In the contemporary forex, technical analysis is king. Being able to build custom charts, stream market-direct data and apply indicators make up a major part of any platform’s functionality.

Understand The Power Of Advanced Charting

Web Trading Indicators

No advanced charting suite is complete without a collection of ready-to-use indicators.’s Trader View Pro furnishes users with an extensive collection of technical tools that may be easily applied to any advanced pricing chart.

Apply Indicators To Your Charts

Essential Forex Trading Lessons: Platform Customization

After grasping the elemental forex trading lessons, it is time to maximize the usability of your trading platform. Subsequently, it’s recommended that you don’t ignore platform customization.

Thanks to advances in technology, FX trading is typically conducted remotely via an online software trading platform. Without an understanding of how to customize and maintain your platform’s performance, reaching your trading potential can become exponentially more difficult.

Learn How To Customize The Advanced Trading Platform

Mobile And Web-Based Market Access

If you are going to become an active FX trader, then your broker will be your silent partner in the marketplace. However, all forex brokerages aren’t created equal. When you’re looking for the best forex brokers for beginners, it’s crucial that they offer a multitude of unique services including mobile, web and desktop trading options.

For individuals on-the-go, mobile trading is an ideal way of staying active in the forex. Monitor open positions, place trades and analyze the market from a hand-held device of your choice.

Get Up To Speed On’s Mobile Trading APP’s advanced charting and 1-on-1 live chat support can be indispensable parts of conducting a trade. If you aren’t comfortable going mobile, our web-based trading platform may be your ideal avenue to the marketplace.

Web Trading Walkthrough

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