MetaTrader Platform Tutorials

Forex MetaTrader Platform Tutorials

Since its 2003 release, MetaTrader has been a major name in forex trading. From the industry-standard Metatrader 4 (MT4) to cutting-edge MetaTrader Apps, each platform has been defined by its advanced features and functionality.

No matter your level of experience,'s exclusive support for MT4, and advanced applications can help you maximize your potential in the marketplace.

Preview the FX Blue Mini Terminal

Reach Your Potential With The MetaTrader Platform

For almost two decades, MetaTrader has been one of the leading forex trading platform providers in the world. The team at MetaQuotes Software has specialized in offering powerful solutions to forex traders of all kinds, specifically through the ever-popular MT4 trading platform.

If you are utilizing MT4 courtesy of, you will benefit from premium market access and trade execution. Whether optimizing your strategies with Expert Advisors, automating trade or engaging the forex via mobile device, MT4 has you covered.

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Market Accessibility

Being able to place trades or analyze the market is simple with the MetaTrader platform and Access the live forex market on a 24/5 basis via a web-based, desktop, or mobile application. Simply login, connect, and begin trading. You can spend a session reviewing analysis and building your trading strategy, or simply take a moment and place a quick order.

Use the Tick Chart Trader for Quick Orders


No matter the level of your analytical game, the MetaTrader platform has got you covered. The advanced analytical suite features fully-customizable charts, templates and a variety of indicators.

Study Forex Pricing With Metarader's Advanced Charting And Drawing Tools

Special Incentives

Depending upon your trading volume, you may be eligible to earn up to 18% cash back each month with our Active Trader Rewards program. You'll also enjoy complementary VPS hosting, margin interest and one-on-one support when you trade extensive volumes with MetaTrader.

Regardless of your strategy or resources, the MetaTrader platforms can help you achieve your market-oriented goals. Thanks to an extensive collection of third-party applications, trading robots (Expert Advisors) and sophisticated algorithms, MetaTrader gives you the ability to engage forex as you see fit.

Learn How To Build Custom Templates With Indicators

The Power Of MetaTrader Apps

MT4 is an ultra-powerful trading platform that furnishes the user with a collection of robust functionalities. In addition, an advanced collection of MetaTrader Apps stand ready to support almost any trading methodology. Boost the efficacy of your strategy with advanced Metrader Apps offered by FX Blue and a catalogue of more than 20 customizable Expert Advisors (EAs).

The biggest advantage offered by MetaTrader Apps to active traders is their usability. You can easily add each application to your strategic approach through a simple drag-and-drop. The Trade Terminal, Alarm Manager and Market Manager apps are invaluable tools for staying organized in the dynamic forex atmosphere. When time is short and the markets become chaotic, you can quickly take advantage of MetaTrader Apps.

Learn How Expert Advisors (EAs) Can Help Enhance Your Performance

Trade Terminal

The Trade Terminal is a professional-grade tool for trade execution and analysis. Featuring an intuitive visual presentation, the Trade Terminal furnishes the user with an up-to-the second Market Watch, Account Summary and Orders List.

Get Acquainted with the Trade Terminal

Alarm Manager

Not all retail forex traders can afford their own personal assistant, and this is where the Alarm Manager comes in. It is an all-in-one personal assistant designed to support your trading activities. The Alarm Manager can notify you of account adjustments and market events, and it even send messages via email, Twitter or SMS.

Learn More About The Advanced Functionality Of The Alarm Manager

Market Manager

For the ultimate in account organization, look no further than the Market Manager. With its user-friendly overview of forex activity, pending orders, and open positions, the Market Manager provides the trader with everything you need to execute trades with maximum efficiency.

Capitalize On The Potential Of The Market Manager

Identify Trade Correlations With MetaTrader Apps

If you have any experience as a forex trader, then you understand the importance of correlations. Interrelationships between currencies, equities, and commodities might exist, and respecting these links is a powerful way of building market share.

Understanding The Correlation Matrix

Making Decisions with the Correlation Trader

However, identifying strong and weak correlations in real-time can be challenging. In many cases, these relationships are fleeting and evolve quickly. Fortunately for active traders, the Correlation Matrix and Correlation Trader offered by MetaTrader Apps simplifies the process

Make Informed Trading Decisions With The Correlation Trader

Trade Forex On Your Terms With MetaTrader

Perhaps the single greatest benefit to trading forex with Metrader is freedom. The platform’s usability allows for a true customization of the trading experience. From order entry to analytics and signals, the only limit is your imagination―MetaTrader handles the rest.

To become familiar with a product, you simply need to try it out. Whether you are interested in the powerful trading software or the tried-and-true MetaTrader platforms and applications, a quick download is your first step into the market. Test it out with a demo account to familiarize yourself with the platforms.

For more information on what Metrader can do for you, contact the pros at today. From frequently asked questions to new accounts and platform downloads,'s dedicated support team has everything you need to get up and running on the forex.

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