The French Election is Moving Markets

With the field narrowed down to two candidates, the election has become a referendum on France’s commitment to the EU. We're here to keep you updated on potential market drivers and opportunities as the election process unfolds.

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The Candidates

View our breakdown of the top-two candidates for the French election
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Emmanuel Macron

Unwavering support for EU and Eurozone, including expansion
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Marine Le Pen

Anti-euro and EU, strongly pushing for a referendum to leave the EU

Emmanuel Macron

Marine Le Pen


Macron was formerly both an investment banker and a member of the Socialist Party, the party of the current and outgoing President Francois Hollande. Most recently, Macron was Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs for the French government before resigning last year to run for President. In doing so, Macron subsequently founded an independent party/movement he dubbed “En Marche!” under which he continues to identify his campaign.


Marine Le Pen is a former attorney and current leader of the National Front party. This far-right nationalist party was originally led by her father for decades after its inception in 1972. A Member of European Parliament, Le Pen ran for president once before, during the last election in 2012, but finished well behind current President Francois Hollande and then-incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy.


Macron has aimed to escape the division between the left and right by creating his own independent movement. Though he is often classified as a centrist, his political history has skewed further towards the left. Key among his positions is his singular support for the existence and expansion of both the European Union and Eurozone. He also supports a liberal open-door policy for refugees and immigrants.


The National Front’s staunch anti-EU, anti-euro, and anti-immigration stances are among Le Pen’s most prominent political positions. Correspondingly, she also opposes free trade and globalization, and has been classified as a steadfast protectionist. Aside from aggressively pushing for a French referendum to leave the EU, Le Pen has also heavily criticized France’s use of the euro. Additionally, she opposes French participation in intergovernmental organizations like NATO, the World Trade Organization, and the International Monetary Fund.

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When is the election?

France's unique election process takes about two weeks.
Election date nov 8 icon

First round voting

Election date oct 19 icon

First round results

election date oct 4 icon

Second round of voting

election date oct 9

Final result announced

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