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ASX200 Afternoon Report July 26th 2022

The ASX200 trades 22 points higher at 6812 at 2.55 pm Sydney time, ahead of tomorrow's release of earnings from Microsoft and Alphabet as well as Australian Q2 inflation data.

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July 26, 2022 01:57 AM
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What’s driving the global markets right now?

Everything you need to know about the current economic and monetary policy environment, and what it all means for financial markets

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US stocks drop as another consumer confidence barometer plunges

The slump in confidence was driven by a plunge in 'expectations' sub-index

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June 28, 2022 11:23 AM

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Poor PMIs underpin recession worries

This is the latest macro data to underscore worries about a sharp economic slowdown

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Stocks slump, yields surge as recession worries add to inflation woes

Risk was completely off the menu at the start of a busy week for central bank action

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US open Stocks fall, retailers are hit by rising costs

After a strong close on Tuesday, stocks are set to fall on the open today as inflation fears and weak earnings hit market sentiment.

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May 18, 2022 08:38 AM
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Tencent Music Q1 preview: Where next for TME stock?

People continue to subscribe to the company’s music streaming services but its social entertainment apps are struggling to attract users amid intense competition.

Gold, Bonds and Stocks Continue Melt Down

As yields on government debt continue to press higher, investors are forced to get out of assets that pay low or no interest or dividend...

Sentiment turning positive in Europe

Investors have welcomed Macron’s performance in the French election debate, while Ukraine conflict is no longer having the same impact on asset prices

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What are Mergers and Acquisitions? Definition, Types and Overview

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) describe the financial transactions enacted to combine two companies. Read how mergers and acquisitions are structured and how they affect traders and shareholders in our full guide.

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April 4, 2022 10:37 AM

Will the bond market meltdown be the undoing of the S&P500?

U.S. yields have surged higher again this week to their highest level since May 2019, after Fed Chair Powell opened the door to a 50bp rate hike at the next FOMC meeting, causing fresh pain for global bond markets.

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US open: Stocks rise, producer prices increase again

Stocks edge higher despite US PPI rising to 10%. Russia, Ukraine talks and Chinese lockdowns create a mixed mood in the market.

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March 15, 2022 08:58 AM
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Why the Nikkei uptrend looks set to resume

Leading the recovery in Asian stock markets yesterday, the Nikkei 225 finished the day 2.08% higher at 28517, boosted by strong gains in semiconductor stocks, including Tokyo Electron and Advantest.

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December 21, 2021 07:26 PM

Why the Dow Jones and the NZDUSD appear vulnerable

The month of September is statistically the weakest month of the year for U.S equities. The average decline in September over the past ten years has been -0.60%. Negative prints can be observed in five of the ten years, including a -7% fall in 2011, a -2.5% fall in 2015, and a -4% fall in 2020.

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September 8, 2021 08:07 PM
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ASX200 edges higher ahead of Wednesday AU Q2 GDP release

Wednesday sees the release of Australia's Q2 GDP report at 11.30 am. The report predates current lockdowns in Sydney and Victoria, and because of this, the data is less valuable than usual.

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August 29, 2021 09:34 PM
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Bank of Korea raises rates sparking falls in Kospi and other risk assets

Today, the Bank of Korea (Bok) became the first central bank in Asia to raise rates after the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) was forced to defer its interest rate hike last week.

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August 25, 2021 08:00 PM
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A guide to market sentiment: what is it, indicators and how to trade it

Market sentiment is one of the most popular ways of analysing trending markets and whether a stock is over or undervalued. Find out what market sentiment is and how it can be used in a trading strategy.

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August 5, 2021 01:30 AM

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How the SP500 continues to climb a wall of worry and where to from here

A strong session overnight for US equity markets as solid corporate earnings and economic data pushed the S&P500 index to a record close. Second-quarter reporting season is now almost three-quarters complete, with nearly 70% of the companies in the S&P 500 having reported. Of those, a record 87.6% have beaten consensus expectations.

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August 4, 2021 12:09 AM
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ASX200 traders cautious as Delta spreads and ahead of EOFY

After fending off the original coronavirus, Australia has entered a “new phase” of the pandemic. A nationwide outbreak of the highly contagious Delta variant first detected in India that has prompted lockdowns in Greater Sydney and Darwin.

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June 27, 2021 10:00 PM
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What is market liquidity? Definition, calculation, and examples

Market liquidity is a key component of a functioning financial market, as it determines how fast trades can be executed at the preferred price. Discover what market liquidity is, how it is measured and what the most liquid markets are.

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June 22, 2021 07:51 AM
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Nikkei 225 Index: Have we seen this chart before?

If the Nikkei 225 is going to move higher, it may look like the recent price action in GBP/USD!

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June 14, 2021 12:47 PM
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US open: Stocks stabilize, Elon’s about-face

Major US indices are poised to open near flat after the Dow Jones Industrial Average saw its biggest decline since January on yesterday’s US CPI reading

What are NFTs?

NFT stocks have taken the market by storm recently, as a growing number of companies are using the cryptographic tokens as a means for users to buy and sell digital assets. Discover what non-fungible tokens are and why they’re growing in popularity.

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May 5, 2021 03:30 AM