Futures & Futures Options

Complement your forex trading and open the door to the opportunities of trading the futures markets.

Futures trading allows you to invest in commodities through a futures contract. A futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell an asset, such as a stock index, physical commodity or financial instrument, at a date in the future.

Access futures trading from our affiliate, Daniels Trading.

Open a Forex Account and trade futures

Why trade futures?

Diversify your trading


Access a broad range of futures including interest rates, indices, metals and agriculture commodities.
Access markets across the world

Direct market access

Trade futures and futures options across an extensive network of exchanges worldwide.
Take advantage of leverage

Efficient use of capital

Gain greater exposure with less capital (leverage comes with increased risk)

Discover the world of futures trading with the “Futures for FX Traders” Guide.


Futures accounts will be held and maintained at GAIN Capital Group, LLC, a registered Commission Merchant ("FCM").

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