Frequently Asked Questions

Funding & Withdrawals

How do I fund my account?

Can I fund with a personal check or business check?

How is my money protected?

What is third-party funding?

Can I use more than one card to fund my account?

What should I do if the card I used to fund my account is closed, lost, stolen or not available for withdrawal?

My deposit has been declined. What should I do?

Does accept Western Union or PayPal?

How will a card deposit appear on my bank statement?

Why is the amount posted in my account less than the amount I wired?

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

How will my withdrawal be processed?

I funded my account with eCheck. Why don't I see this amount available for withdrawal or transfer?

How do I transfer funds between my existing trading accounts?

What if I have open positions when I submit a withdrawal or transfer request?