Frequently Asked Questions

STP Pro Accounts

How do I access STP Pro trading?

What are the advantages of trading under an STP Pro model compared to a market maker?

Can STP Pro accounts qualify for the Active Trader program?

Are there any account or trade restrictions with an STP Pro account?

How do I transfer funds between my current account and new STP Pro account?

What time to "Day" orders expire in my STP Pro Account?

What trading platforms are available to me with an STP Pro account?

Are prices available in the STP Pro model?

What is top of book pricing?

How is cost per trade determined?

How do orders get filled in an STP Pro account?

How are liquidations executed on an STP Pro Account?

What is the difference between the STP Pro and ECN models?

I trade small contracts, will my 10K market orders get filled?

Can I list my own bids and offers?

Can I place orders within the spread?

Do STP Pro accounts have access to greater click and deal sizes?

What recourse do I have if my order is not filled?

How many liquidity providers do STP Pro accounts have access to? Will they be listed?