Qualifying Trade Requirements

A Qualifying trade for each market is equal to the volume stated in the following table. Any combination of opening and closing trades, in any markets, can be used to meet qualifying trade requirements. For example, opening and closing a standard lot FX trade equals 200,000 in volume.


Market Volume Required Unit Type
All currency pairs (excl HKD) 200 Micro Lots


Market Volume Required Unit Type
Spot Silver (all XAG pairs) 10,000 Ounces
Spot Gold (all XAU pairs) 200 Ounces

Example: The example below represents a customer’s trade activity in fulfilling a 25 Qualifying Trade requirement.

Example Qualifying Trades

Market Volume Required Volume Traded Qualifying Trades Earned
EUR/USD 200,000 2,100,000 10.5
XAG/USD 10,000 160,000 16
Total Qualifying Trades Earned 26.5