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  • Reliable tight spreads
  • Fast, accurate trade executions
  • Opportunity for price improvement
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Consistent value and reliability

Opportunity for price improvement

Competitive pricing

Tight spreads can reduce your trading costs. At you'll benefit from competitive pricing on over 45 currency pairs and 30 CFDs. Live Prices
Fast trades and consistent execution

Superior execution quality

Fast and reliable trade executions are critical to your success. That's why we actively monitor our execution quality to ensure you are getting a superior trading experience Execution Stats
Price improvement opportunities

Price improvement opportunities

Over the past twelve months over 65% of all limit orders have been price improved – we automatically pass these savings on to you when the market moves in your favor. Performance

Trade with a trusted market leader

Our parent company, GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. With over a decade of experience, we've supported over 200,000 traders in over 180 countries globally.
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