Frequently Asked Questions

SMART Signals

How are SMART Signals generated?

How do I find out the rationale of a signal?

Which markets do you look at?

Which time periods do SMART Signals cover?

What do 'triggered', 'waiting' and 'approaching' mean?

How do I trade SMART Signals?

What platforms are SMART Signals available on?

Are SMART Signals markets different to normal markets?

Is there any additional cost to trade SMART Signals?

Do I have to follow the suggested signal?

Can I close a SMART Signals trade early?

Why does my order on a Smart Signal expire one hour before the end, after I’ve placed an order?

Why has the signal retired?

Can I get notifications without trading the signal?

Can I still trade a signal if it’s already been triggered?

Are SMART Signals specifically selected for me?

How do I know when the signal reaches expiry?

Will my signal trade automatically close at the end of the signal period?

Is there a minimum or maximum quantity I can trade on a Smart Signal?

How is the performance calculated?

Why do you only show the last 10 performances of the signal?

Why does my P&L from the results showing?

Can I see more data?

How is the result for an individual signal calculated?