From professional charting tools to integrated research and analysis, our proprietary platforms have what you need to drive your strategy. 
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Maximum trading, minimum hand holding

Access the world’s FX markets on a trading platform built for ultimate performance, flexibility and speed.
Trade with confidence

Trade with confidence

FOREXTrader's suite of platforms deliver a world-class trading experience packed with the core characteristics you want and grounded in reliability and superior performance. Try FOREXTrader with a demo account.

Control your trading experience

Easily switch from market to instant execution, create and save multiple layouts, and access advanced order types for maximum control and precision. Start trading.
Control your trading experience
Access our Strategy Center

Strategy Centre

Access 15 customisable, pre-defined trading strategies and the ability to build your own using simple phrases using the Strategy Wizard in FOREXTrader PRO. No coding required. Back test your strategies against historical data and then activate them to generate buy and sell signals in real time.
Stay abreast of the markets via mobile

Never miss a market move when you're on the move

Wherever you are, stay on top of the markets with robust trading capability, real-time news and analysis and customisable price alerts. Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other internet-enabled mobile devices.

See the trend, spot the opportunities

Advanced charting features give you yet another tool to power your strategy
  • Trade directly from charts

    Take action quickly and with precision

    Trade your plan directly from the charts. You can simply drag lines to edit your orders quickly.

  • Customize indicators to suit your needs

    You’ll have access to more than 70 indicators that can be customized and saved to meet your unique trading style.

    Personalized indicators
  • Interactive drawing tools

    Discover trends with advanced tools

    Plot your course with Fibonacci levels, trend lines and other customizable drawing tools, then make notes directly on your charts.

  • Hone in on trending patterns

    You’ll have access to over 10+ time intervals ranging from tick chart to monthly, then quickly zero in on the time frame you're most interested in with our "zoom region" feature.

    Set trends and timeframes
  • Customizable views

    See it your way

    Customize your chart display so it makes sense to you at a glance.

  • Your trading home

    Configure an extensive set of options from the indicators to the drawing tools, set your preferences and save your template for easy future access.

    Your trading home base

Our tools, your advantages

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Get alerted to developing technical patterns and trade setups with Autochartist powerful pattern recognitions software.
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Trading Central

Don’t miss out on potential trading opportunities with real-time technical signals, pattern recognition tools, plus entry and exit strategies.
Integrated news and analysis

Expert analysis

Keep up with the information that drives markets to help you forecast potential price movement with integrated insights and trade ideas.
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