Earnings season: can Big Tech turn around shares slump?

Facing the headwinds of inflation, rate hikes and subdued consumer confidence, can FAANG+ stocks brave the elements and bounce back this year?
  • Potential opportunities available with Amazon, Apple, Netflix and more
  • How will the tech sector respond to persistent macroeconomic pressure?
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How will tech earnings compare with the last quarter?

Q4 bank earnings season is here, and all eyes are on the performance of U.S. heavyweights such as Amazon, Apple and Netflix.

Big Tech stocks have been largely stagnant in 2022 against a backdrop of inflation, hawkish policy and shifting consumer demands – and these headwinds were reflected in their largely mediocre October reports. Will the FAANG+ giants post promising seasonal numbers this time – and if so, will it be enough to give the industry a new lease of life?

How do I trade earnings season?

To trade tech earnings, you may decide whether you think a tech company’s share price is going to move up or down when it releases its quarterly report – and can open a position accordingly*. Open a FOREX.com account to get started, or try a demo to trade risk-free.



Can I short tech stocks?

If you think a tech company is going to miss estimates and fall in value, you may short it by selling its stock instead of buying it. With your FOREX.com account, you can select ‘sell’ instead of ‘buy’ in the platform.

* Leveraged trading involves significant risk of loss. Trading during times of volatility is extremely risky, and not suitable for all investors. You should only trade with funds you can afford to lose.

Key Dates

  Company   Date
  Netflix (NFLX)
  Jan 19, 2023
  Google (GOOGL)
  Feb 02, 2023
  Microsoft (MSFT)
  Jan 24, 2023
  Facebook (META)   Feb 01, 2023
  Tesla (TSLA)   Jan 25, 2023
  Apple (APPL)   Feb 02, 2023
  Amazon (AMZN)   Feb 02, 2023
  Shopify (SHOP)   Jan 31, 2023

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