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Trade your account with TV's suite of renowned charts, exclusive trader tools, and ideas directly from their industry-favourite site —

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Open a account (not available with a MetaTrader account)

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What is TradingView?

When you trade your account on, you benefit from sharing ideas with their community of over 50 million traders, investors, and analysts in addition to their industry-leading charts and tools.

Whether you are new to trading or a seasoned investor, TradingView delivers on our joint mission to help anyone succeed in financial markets.

Features of TradingView
Here's what to expect on when you access
TradingView's premier charting software.
Here's what to expect on when you access TradingView's premier charting software.
How to trade on TradingView with your account

Did you know you can trade your account on TradingView through their browser, desktop, or mobile platforms? We'll show you how to get started.

Benefit from in-depth analysis and trade signals

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SMART Signals

Follow our statistically-driven algorithms that find favourable price patterns to deliver you with trade signals.

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Relationship Manager

Use support from our trained professionals to bolster your trading education.

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Market Analysis

Get all the strategic market insights you need from our research team.