Are you eligible for FOREX Pro?

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You might qualify to trade as a professional client if you meet two of the three criteria below:

  • Have you made an average of 10 significantly sized transactions per quarter over the last four quarters?
  • Do you currently have a financial portfolio, including cash deposits exceeding £500,000?
  • Have you worked in a professional capacity in the financial sector that has required knowledge of trading leveraged products for at least 1+ year(s)?
Professional Trader requirements – in detail
In order to qualify to become a Professional Client, you will need to meet at least 2 out of the 3 eligibility criteria outlined by the FCA. There will be no change to tax status or any additional cost to change to Professional Client status.


What are the features of a professional account with

Professional traders who meet the criteria can qualify for services designed to accommodate their level of experience. Features of FOREX Pro include margin rates from 0.25%, monthly cash rebates, market execution support and bespoke fee structures.

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What if i’m not eligible to become a professional trader?

If you’re not eligible for a professional account, you’ll still be able to open a retail trading account and access the global financial markets from our suite of award-winning platforms, with in-depth market analysis and a range of trading tools.

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What's the difference between a retail account and FOREX Pro?

Retail accounts offer negative balance protection and lower leverage limits. Professional accounts allow higher leverage, but you waive negative balance protection and your margin close out levels may differ.

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