Active Trader

Designed for high-volume currency traders, you’ll enjoy exceptional customer experiences tailored to your unique needs.
  • Reduced trading costs by up to 15% with cash rebates
  • Up to 1% APY interest on your average daily available margin**
  • One-on-one support from an experienced Market Strategist
  • Reimbursement on bank fees for wire transfers

You’ll automatically qualify for Active Trader when you open an account with a minimum of $10,000 or trade $50M of volume in a calendar month.

Realize your full trading potential

As a high-volume trader you'll get exclusive benefits you won't find anywhere else.
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Reduce your trading costs

Earn cash rebates of up to $10 per million traded and get bank fees on wire transfers reimbursed

Get professional guidance

Enjoy dedicated one-on-one support from a highly trained Market Strategist that can help you with your trading plan

Earn up to 25X more interest than National Average ***

Earn 1% APY interest on your average daily available margin** balance up to $50K, 0.5% APY on $50K-$100K

Take advantage of VIP access

Get invited to exclusive events and previews of our products

Reward yourself the more you trade

You'll automatically receive cash rebates when you trade more than US$50M in a calendar month. Cash rebates will be credited to your account at the start of the following month.
Level 1
US$50M to US$100M
Rebate per million
Average savings
Level 2
US$100M to US$250M
Rebate per million
Average savings
Level 3
US$250M to US$500M
Rebate per million
Average savings
Level 4
US$500M to US$1B
Rebate per million
Average savings
Level 5
Rebate per million
Average savings
Cash Rebate Example:

Your monthly volume is US$250M

You qualify for Level 3 rebates at US$8 for every US$1M traded in the month

Your monthly volume rebate is US$2,000 (250 x US$8)

Your rebate will generally be posted to your account within ten business days of the following month.

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More about Active Trader:

A minimum initial deposit of $10,000 or trade $50M in a calendar month to automatically qualify for Active Trader. Continued eligibility is contingent on total quarterly trade volume of at least $50M or an average account balance of at least $25,000. The Average Savings displayed above are based on average savings a client may have received after rebates based on standard Typical Spreads for the previous month. Typical spreads represent the median spread offered during the month.

Active Trader is not available for Managed accounts, accounts referred by an Introducing Broker, or IRA accounts.

Rebates will generally be posted to the account within five business days of the following month, but there may be occasions where the process takes longer. You should not use rebates as a basis of any trading decisions in your account, including to satisfy your total margin required. Additionally, rebate credits are not intended to limit your liability in respect of your trades and may not be used to set-off any payment obligation you have to us. Please refer to the margin and liquidations section of the website to understand our policy.

Participating accounts earn 1% APY on balances up to $50,000 and 0.5% APY on balances $50,000 - $100,000. Active Trader status is required to earn stated APY. Interest will be calculated based on the average daily Available Margin.

**Average daily Available Margin (Trading Resource) is calculated by taking the average of your available margin (trading resources) as of 5PM each trading day during the prior month. Margin utilized for your open positions is not included. Interest will be posted within 15 business days of the following month. APY rates are subject to change daily. This promotion is void where prohibited or restricted by law and subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

***The National Yield Average is based on interest checking accounts as reported by the FDIC (as of January 11, 2021) for interest checking accounts with deposits greater than $100,000. retains the right to alter, amend or terminate this Rebate Scheme, or any aspect of it, at any time and without prior notice. reserves the right to refuse or withdraw the rebates from any account.

The cash rebates are not transferable between clients.