Ryan Thaxton


Ryan Thaxton

Financial Writer

Ryan Thaxton is a financial writer based in StoneX’s New York City office and writes for both City Index and FOREX.com. Ryan joined the company after several years writing about digital trends, and he produces educational content on topics including fundamental analysis, IPOs, and economic events.


What you need to know about the Kellogg three-way split

Kellogg Company has announced a division of its plant-based, cereal, and snacking brands into three new companies. It’s a major portfolio split that shot Kellogg’s shares up 8% on the day of the announcement. Learn more about the split and what impacts you can expect to see on the company’s stock.

June 24, 2022 05:50 PM

Grindr SPAC: Everything you need to know about Grindr stock

The California-based LGBTQ+ dating and networking app is planning to list via a SPAC deal that could value the company at around $2 billion. Find out everything you need to know about the company ahead of its listing.

What is the short interest ratio?

The short interest ratio is an easy formula to understand how strongly a stock is being shorted. Learn how to calculate the short interest ratio yourself and how it can influence your trading strategy.

May 16, 2022 03:51 PM

Bausch + Lomb IPO: Everything you need to know about Bausch + Lomb

Bausch + Lomb is cleared-eyed and looking toward the future with an IPO that will distinguish the optical health company from its parent organization, Bausch Health. Learn everything you need to know about Bausch + Lomb ahead of its IPO.

ServiceTitan IPO: Everything you need to know about ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan, a software company serving home maintenance businesses and field workers is expected to go public this year in the US at an $18b valuation.

How to trade bullish and bearish divergences

Learn the difference between bullish and bearish divergences and how to recognize both when using technical indicators in your trading.

What are Mergers and Acquisitions? Definition, Types and Overview

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) describe the financial transactions enacted to combine two companies. Read how mergers and acquisitions are structured and how they affect traders and shareholders in our full guide.

April 4, 2022 03:37 PM

Why watch Warren Buffett’s stock portfolio?

Warren Buffett is famous for the extraordinary success of his holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, and his straightforward philosophy of value investing. Learn more about Buffett’s ideology and why other traders try to replicate his portfolio.

March 9, 2022 06:01 PM

Huel IPO: Everything you need to know about Huel

The plant-based meal replacement company Huel is expected to go public sometime this year after enlisting Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan to advise on a possible IPO in the London Stock Exchange.

How to use the currency carry trade strategy

A carry trade is a trading strategy that involves borrowing a low-yield currency and investing in a high-yielding asset to exploit the interest rate differential. Carry trades are most common in forex trading with traders borrowing the low interest Japanese yen to buy higher interest currencies. Learn what currency pairs work best and how to execute the strategy yourself in our full guide.

February 23, 2022 02:36 PM

Fixed vs floating exchange rates – what’s the difference?

A fixed exchange rate describes when a currency’s value is pegged to a stronger, more influential currency. By contrast, a floating exchange rate allows a currency value to fluctuate with supply and demand. Both systems have pros and cons depending on a country’s economy.

February 15, 2022 03:24 PM