Earnings season: banks to lead post-pandemic recovery?

Take a position on heavyweights like JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America:

  • Major banks expected to post strong Q3 earnings
  • Inflation could rise, which may provide headwinds for banking sector
  • Go long or short on the Covid-19 recovery

Banking on a bounce back for bank stocks?

Earnings season for banks is back, and all eyes are on the global heavyweights such as Barclays, HSBC, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley as we emerge from the pandemic and the global economy forges a path to recovery.

While the Bank of England and Federal Reserve have kept interest rates unchanged, they could be forced into action in 2022 if inflation continues to rise. However, forecasts for the likes of Citibank, Lloyds and HSBC look strong so some positive reports for the banking sector could allay fears of another economic downturn.

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How do I trade earnings season?

To trade bank earnings, you decide whether you think a bank’s share price is going to move up or down when it releases its quarterly report – and open a position accordingly. Open a FOREX.com account to get started, or try a demo to trade risk-free.

Can I short bank stocks?

If you think a bank is going to miss estimates and fall in value, you can short it by selling its stock instead of buying it. With your FOREX.com account, simply select ‘sell’ instead of ‘buy’ in the platform.

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Key Dates

  Company   Date
  JP Morgan Chase and Co. 
  13th October 2021 
  Wells Fargo and Co. 
  14th October 2021
  14th October 2021
  Bank of America 
  14th October 2021
  Morgan Stanley
  14th October 2021
  Goldman Sachs
  15th October 2021
  Barclays plc
  21st October 2021
  HSBC Holdings Inc. 
  25th October 2021
  Lloyds Banking Group 
  28th October 2021
  Natwest   29th October 2021
Lloyds Banking Group 

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