We’re transparent with our pricing

We always strive to be as open and clear as possible. On this page you can see exactly how our prices work and what we do with your funds.
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Consistently fast and accurate pricing

We strive to deliver the best execution available in the market, with the highest speed and quality of execution, so you can be confident of consistently fast and accurate pricing.

*Execution speed represents the time it takes our execution engine to execute your trade once it has been received by the execution engine. This does not represent the time it take from when a customer clicks trade on the platform and when they receive their confirmation.

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Fast trades, consistent execution

We’ve automated every aspect of the trade process with the goal of ensuring your trades are executed fast and at the price you expect – or better.

FXUS - FAQ - Liquidation - Colour
FXUS - FAQ - Liquidation - Colour

Opportunity for price improvement on limit orders

When the market moves in your favor, our trading technology automatically passes along the savings by executing your trade at a better price.

Where we source our prices

In forex, the underlying asset is an OTC (over the counter) instrument, so to enable seamless trading we maintain relationships with several Tier 1 Banks as well as multiple Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs). They provide us with liquidity from around the globe (including London and New York), and in some cases the total number of providers can reach up to 12 liquidity sources.

Furthermore, we periodically review our liquidity sources to ensure that we continue to offer you the best prices.

How we deliver our prices

Whether it’s for our professional, retail or institutional clients, we have a variety of channels to deliver prices. They include:

  • Mobile app (iPhone and Android)
  • Our web trading platform
  • MetaTrader for technical users
  • FIX API for institutions

Our delivery mechanisms push prices out rapidly and automatically adapt to the connection speed of each client. This enables us to provide the highest possible frequency of updates without jamming the communication line. For our mobile and web offering, we use LightStreamer technology.

How liquidity affects our prices

Our state-of-the-art systems stream continuously tradable prices within the published trading hours for each market. However, some currency pairs are inherently more illiquid than others and even liquid ones sometimes undergo periods of illiquidity.

We aim to price whenever the underlying market is tradable, but there may be exceptional circumstances when prices are wide or, in extremes, unavailable.

Variable spreads

Our product passes on market conditions to you where the spread widens and tightens with available liquidity in the market.

FOREX.com Advantage

We execute your trades quickly and accurately

We operate in a highly regulated environment, with strong oversight into trading practices and execution. We do not pick and choose which trades to accept, or adjust the price or the execution speed of your trade.

We stand behind every trade

We are fully accountable for every execution – as a market maker, we don’t outsource that responsibility to a third party. If you ever have any questions or concerns post-trade, we’ll address it directly.
How our prices compare to our competitors

We are a global company, using liquidity from all over the world to serve our clients. We access liquidity from the best possible institutional feeds. This makes our prices unique and spreads exceptionally tight. We select quotes on a best price basis, with no skewing based on our view or positions held.

The competitive landscape varies from region to region and we stay aware of our competitors regularly to ensure you are getting the best value.

Securing your funds is our priority
All retail client money is fully segregated from our own funds and held in separate accounts with top-tier banks. We only use our own funds for hedging and never engage in proprietary trading. FOREX.com is part of StoneX Group Inc., a NASDAQ-listed company with a strong balance sheet and experienced management team, serving clients in 140 countries worldwide.
How does FOREX.com make money?

On Standard Accounts, FOREX.com is compensated via spreads, which are the difference between the bid and ask prices. On RAW Spread Accounts, FOREX.com is compensated via spreads and a $5 USD commission per $100k USD traded. We work hard to provide transparent pricing and tight spreads. You may incur a rollover charge if you hold your positions overnight.

If EUR/USD is trading in the market at 1.2164, our 1-point spread means it would have a buy price of 1.21645 and a sell price of 1.21635.
Hedging client positions

As we make most of our revenue from the spread, we do not directly profit when a client wins or loses on their trade.

A lot of our client positions offset with each other. For example, at any one point we tend to see broadly similar numbers buying in EUR/USD as we have selling. This is called internalization.

We have internal risk limits to make sure the risk we hold is safe and does not put the company at risk. We hedge to ensure the positions we hold are kept to safe levels. If a majority of clients buy GBP/USD, we will send orders to our liquidity providers to buy, trading in the same direction as our clients to net off their risk.