Advanced Charts

Clear and user-friendly, our advanced charts are packed with features and ideal for traders who love technical analysis. Available on both mobile and web platforms.

Get total control
Get total control

Identify trends

Choose your chart type

Trade the markets like a professional

White icon of $ and £ symbols
White icon of $ and £ symbols

Spot and seize opportunity

Easily place trades, view positions and orders on the charts. Use drag-and-drop order modification.
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Analysis amplified

Choose from over 80 indicators, advanced drawing tools, and 10 chart types.
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Smart personalization

Create layouts that are responsive to device and browser size. Don't waste time readjusting.

Frequently asked questions

What are charting tools and how do I use them?

Charting tools help you analyze a market using the charts within a trading platform. Tools range from simple trend lines to Fibonacci retracements and beyond, and can help traders make sense of price action and inform future decisions.

To help you utilize charts in our trading platforms, see MetaTrader - charting and drawing tutorial

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What are technical indicators and how do I use them?

Indicators are metrics used to help identify trends or support/resistance levels within a market.

Discover more with our MetaTrader indicators video tutorial, and also check our key guidance on some of the more important indicators in technical analysis.

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What is backtesting?

Backtesting is applying a trading strategy to historical market data in order to help determine how valid your trading strategy might be.

You can backtest in the desktop platform using its Development Studio.

FAQ about our desktop platform

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