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US retail sales recap: Recession, Reschmession

The previously omnipresent calls for a 2023 recession in the US are looking more and more wrong by the day.

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Big Mac Index explained: using the Big Mac Index in trading

The Big Mac Index is a common measure of exchange rates, but can it be used to make trading decisions? Find out what the Big Mac Index is and how it works.

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February 2, 2023 09:00 AM

Understanding the price-to-earnings ratio: What is P/E and how can you use it?

The P/E ratio is one of the most popular metrics that’s used to determine the value of a stock. Find out how to use the price-to-earnings ratio in your trading and investment strategy, and what makes a good P/E ratio.

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Forex trading

How GDP affects forex trading

GDP releases are crucial events on the forex trading calendar, measuring the percentage change in the economic output of a country. New GDP rates are highly anticipated by forex traders because of what they mean for the country’s economy and what policies central banks and government may enact in response.

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Biggest UK companies: your guide to the most-valuable British brands

The United Kingdom – and its benchmark stock index, the FTSE 100 – is home to some world-leading blue-chip businesses. But which are the biggest UK companies of all? Find out with our full list.

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Mid-cap stocks: should you be trading mid-cap companies?

Mid-cap stocks are often overlooked by traders, but they can be powerful additions to your portfolio. Let’s examine what mid-cap stocks are and how to trade them.

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How to trade soybean prices online

Soybeans are one of the most-traded commodity markets after oil and natural gas. This makes soybean futures liquid but also volatile. Learn more about how to trade soybeans and what moves their price.

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EBITDA: what is it and how do you calculate EBITDA?

EBITDA is a metric that’s used by investors to get insights into the profitability of a company. Discover what EBITDA stands for and how the different EBITDA formulas are used.

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How to create a forex trading journal

Trading journals are crucial for implementing your trading strategies effectively. Learn how to start one and what you should be tracking with it in this guide.

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A Guide to the Gearing Ratio: What is it and how to Calculate

A gearing ratio is a key financial ratio that tells us how a company manages its debt and how well it’s performing. Let’s take a look at the different ways to calculate gearing ratios and what a good gearing level is.

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Forex and interest rates: how do rate hikes and cuts impact currencies?

Interest rates are an important driver for forex markets so it’s important that traders understand the effects of hikes and cuts on currencies. Let’s look at how interest rates affect currencies and a popular forex interest rate trading strategy.

Introduction to financial ratio analysis

Financial analysis ratios are used to assess a company’s health and future outlook, which investors, traders and analysts will use to make buy and sell decisions. Take a look at some of the most important financial ratios used in stock analysis.

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How supply and demand impact financial markets

Supply and demand are the fundamental building blocks of any market – they define what makes markets move and the relationship between buyers and sellers. Discover exactly what supply and demand are, and how they influence financial markets.

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Is the January Effect real? | Everything you need to know

The January Effect is a trend where stock prices rise in January following an end-of-the-year sell-off. The true cause of the effect is still up for debate, but there are several popular theories.

Claire’s IPO: Everything you need to know about Claire’s

Popular teen retailer Claire’s Accessories has filed for an IPO just three years after it announced its bankruptcy. Discover everything you need to know about the Claire’s listing.

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Polestar SPAC: Everything you need to know about Polestar stock

Polestar went public on the Nasdaq via SPAC merger, raising $890 million. Find out everything we know about the company ahead of its listing.

PureGym IPO

PureGym IPO: Everything you need to know about PureGym

As lockdown lifts and gyms see a boost to business again, PureGym fitness centre has started to explore a potential IPO. Discover everything we know about the listing and the company’s recent performance.

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September 30, 2021 11:13 AM

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A complete guide to Amazon stock

For many investors, Amazon is the quintessential growth stock – with a staggering return over the past several years. Take a look at Amazon’s share price performance, plus how to buy and sell Amazon shares.

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What are growth stocks?

Growth stocks are prized by traders and investors. Let’s examine what growth stocks are – plus how you can find and trade them.

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Dingdong IPO: What to know about Dingdong

Chinese grocery app Dingdong has seen a rise fuelled by ample funding and strong lockdown demand. Here’s everything you should know about the business following its US IPO filing.

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By : Ben Lobel
June 18, 2021 05:31 AM
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Dow Jones trading guide: constituents, market hours and how to trade

The Dow Jones is the definitive American index of blue chip stocks. Discover more about what moves the Dow Jones price, the nature of its constituents, and how you can go about trading it.

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S&P 500 trading guide: constituents, market hours and how to trade

The S&P 500 is a bellwether of stock market performance in the US, but its significance is global. Discover more about what moves the S&P 500 price, the nature of its constituents, and how you can go about trading it.

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Canopius IPO: What to know about Canopius

Discover more about the Canopius IPO with background on the company’s journey so far and its strategy moving forward.

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By : Ben Lobel
May 12, 2021 10:27 AM