Forex Account IRA offers US individual customers the ability to trade forex by setting up an Individual Account with us and an IRA through one of our three partner custodians with whom we have established relationships.

Account Opening Process:

  1. Complete a Individual Account Customer Application or MetaTrader Individual Account Customer Application
  2. Complete IRA Trading Account Customer Agreement.
  3. Complete a W9 tax form. Note: Before filling out this form, we strongly suggest that you consult with your tax advisor regarding your tax filing obligations.
  4. Complete appropriate IRA documents (please see below for the appropriate documents listed by trust company; it is your decision which trust company you choose to go through, unless you already have an established IRA with another company).
  5. Send the Application, IRA Trading Account Customer Agreement and your trust company application directly to the trust company. As soon as your IRA funds are received by the trust company, they will send us your application and a certified check of your funds. If your trust company chooses to send the stamped application to you, please forward it to us at [email protected]
  6. The trading account will be opened in the "Name of the Trust Company" FBO "Your name" IRA with the Trust Company's address and with the Trust Company's Tax ID. (You still must submit your Social Security Number but IRA's do not receive 1099's).
  7. You will be notified by the New Accounts Department when your trading account is open for you to conduct trading. partner trusts

Midland IRA

135 S. LaSalle Street, STE 2150
Chicago, IL 60603
Toll Free: 877-944-5472, option 1, option 1
Email: [email protected]

Millennium Trust Company

To download the forms necessary to open an IRA account with Millennium Trust Company, click here.

820 Jorie Boulevard, Suite 420
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523
Toll Free: 800-258-7878
Voice: 630-368-5600
Fax: 630-368-5699
Email: [email protected]

Equity Trust Company

Client Services, Processing Team
225 Burns Rd.
Elyria , OH 44036
(440) 323-5491
[email protected]

Please complete the following forms:

Please note: Opening procedures for each trust company do vary slightly. Associates at each company will be able to guide you through the process smoothly.

To fund your account you must send contributions directly to the trust company you are opening an IRA account with; You may not fund your IRA account by sending funds directly to

Margin Requirements:

* Margin Requirements for IRA Trading Accounts are up to 50:1 leverage for major currencies and 100% margin level requirement. may change Margin Requirements for IRA Trading Accounts at any time, without prior notice to Customer, and may call for additional Margin ("Margin Call") at (x) any time Customer's Margin Balance falls below's Minimum Margin Requirement as applied to that Account; and (y) any time, in its sole discretion, believes that it is prudent to do so. may at any time liquidate Customer's IRA Trading Account in accordance with Paragraph 9 in the Customer Agreement. may withdraw funds from the Customer's IRA Trading Account without notice: (x) to ensure that Posted Margin equals or exceeds Required Margin; and (y) to satisfy any payment obligation to, including fees and charges in respect of Customer's IRA Trading Account. In the event that Customer directs to sell any Margin, Collateral, Contract or other property and is unable to deliver such Margin, Collateral, Contract or other property to a purchaser because Customer fails to deliver it to, may borrow or purchase any Margin, Collateral, Contract or property necessary to make such delivery, and Customer hereby agrees to guarantee and hold harmless against any liability, claim, loss, damage, cost or expense, including attorneys' fees that may sustain.

The yearly maximum after tax cash contribution in 2021 is $6,000 or $7,000 for people 50 or older.

Should you wish to request or withdraw funds from your account, you must make request directly to the trust company and the disbursements will be payable directly to the Trust Company FBO Client Name/Account Number.

Please visit each trust company's website for more information regarding applicable fees, charges, and expenses.

IRA transfers to the trust companies typically take 10-15 business days from the day the transfer is initiated. Once the funds have settled at the trust company, an additional 2-3 days are needed before the account is opened and funded at