Advanced charts from TradingView
Standard Account
Standard Account
Trade from charts
Create new orders directly from the charts and click and drag to edit existing orders.
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Over 80 technical indicators
Use a wealth of customizable indicators that can be saved to templates to match your trading styles or needs.
Analyse the market
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14 time intervals
Home in on trading patterns with time frames ranging from one-minute to monthly.
Multiple chart types
Choose from a variety of chart styles and select what information you see.
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Over 50 drawing tools
Plan your next trade with customizable charting and drawing tools.
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Personalize your workspace
Tailor everything from the indicators to the drawing tools and save it as a template.
Get the most out of web trading

Let us guide you through our newest addition to the platform suite with a series of video guides.

Trade with support & guidance
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FX Trade Signals

Amp up your trading with real-time trade signals and analysis tool Trading Central.

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Market Strategist
Trained market strategists can work with you on developing a trading plan.
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Market Analysis
Stay informed with real-time market insights and actionable trade ideas from our research team.

Trade the global markets, your way

Mobile trading apps

Never miss a market move – our iPhone and Android apps power a complete trading experience, right at your fingertips.

  • Full trading capabilities with multiple order types
  • Integrated news, market commentary and analysis
  • Real-time trade alerts and notifications
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It's time to seize the markets
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Mobile app
Trade on-the-go with our award-winning app on iPhone and Android.
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Get the best out of the world’s most popular trading platform.
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Download Center
Download the latest versions of all our available platforms including MT4.

Industry-leading trading technology

Best Broker in North America
InvestinGoal Best Broker Awards 2021
Best Broker in North America
InvestinGoal Best Broker Awards 2021
Best Forex Platform
ADVFN International Financial Awards 2021
Best Forex Platform
ADVFN International Financial Awards 2021
Best Education
Online Personal Wealth Awards 2021
Best Education
Online Personal Wealth Awards 2021
Best Brokerage (Forex)
Benzinga Global Fintech Awards 2021
Best Brokerage (Forex)
Benzinga Global Fintech Awards 2021

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Web Trading Platform tutorials

Find out how our Web Trading Platform works with these short and informative video guides.

Frequently asked questions

What browsers are supported?

You can access Web Trader using any modern browser, including Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. We’d recommend ensuring that you’re using the latest version of your browser for maximum reliability and security.

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How current is the information on Web Trader?

Web Trader uses real-time pricing data, so you’ll be trading on 100% live markets with your account – whichever market you choose to trade. We also offer live prices on our demo account, for the closest approximation of live trading possible.

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What can I trade on Web Trader?

You can use Web Trader, our online trading platform, to buy and sell our full range of 80+ FX pairs, and gold and silver.

To browse all your available markets, simply log in to the platform and click on the 'Range of Markets' tab. You’ll see our most popular markets listed, and can view individual asset classes – or trending markets – on the left-hand side.

Don’t have a account yet? Open an account now.

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How do I start trading?
Simply create an account with us and fund it. If you’re not ready, then try our no-risk demo account with $50,000 in virtual funds. On top of that, you can learn the core concepts of trading at our Trading Academy.
How do I choose a trading platform?
If you’re completely new to trading, then we recommend our mobile app and web trading platform. To see all the benefits and features of our platforms, simply check out our platform comparison table.