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We offer $7 USD commission per $100k USD traded in this unique trading account, featuring ultra-competitive spreads.
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Trade our tightest spreads available – EUR/USD as low as 0.0 - plus a low $7 USD commission per $100k USD traded.

USD/RUB and EUR/RUB are currently unavailable for trading. See Ruble update.

During times of high volatility and/or low liquidity, spreads may be higher than the typical and as low as spreads published on the website. This can include, but is not limited to the market open and around 5 pm EST during trading hours. Typical spreads may not be available for Managed Accounts and accounts referred by an Introducing Broker.

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*Based on client assets per the 2022 monthly Retail Forex Obligation reports published by the CFTC

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RAW Pricing Account - Trading Example

For our RAW Pricing accounts, we charge $7 per $100k USD traded. Keep in mind that each completed roundtrip trade is technically two separate trades, therefore a commission is charged for each leg of your trade. For example, you open your trade with a buy of 100,000 EUR/USD, which is one trade, and then you close that trade with a sell of 100,000 EUR/USD, a second trade.

The commission amount is based on the USD notional value of your trade. For example, if you bought 100,000 USD/JPY, you are buying 100,000 worth of USD, thus you would have a commission of $7 ($14 roundtrip).

However, if you bought 100,000 EUR/USD (when EUR/USD is at 1.1000), you are buying 110,000 worth of USD (100,000 × 1.1000); therefore, you would have a commission of $7.70 (110,000 × $7 ÷ 100,000) or $15.40 roundtrip.

Additionally, if you bought 50,000 USD/CAD, you would have a commission of $3.5 or $7 round trip.

Please note that while RAW Pricing has typical spreads of as low as 0.0, spreads still fluctuate with market conditions and spread cost would still apply when it is above 0.0. Please see this page for all our typical and as low as spreads.

Frequently asked questions

What platforms can I trade a RAW Pricing Account on?

RAW Pricing Accounts are available on both our FOREX.com platforms and MetaTrader 5.

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Are the spreads different between Spread-Only and RAW Pricing Accounts?

Yes, we are able to provide tighter spreads on RAW Pricing Accounts.

See our trading platform comparison.

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If you have any questions about RAW Pricing, visit the Commission Account FAQ section or start a chat with our support