Foundation of Forex Trading Series

This ongoing series is tailored to those with some experience trading forex trading looking to improve their knowledge of specific areas of technical analysis.

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Focus on Fibonacci: Improving trade entry signals

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 - 7pm ET

Leonardo Fibonacci was born in 1170 and is still considered to be one of the best mathematicians of all time in the Western world.

His famous Fibonacci number sequence, once used to predict the breeding numbers of pairs of rabbits, has since been adapted to be a very useful retracement tool for present day traders.

The Fibonacci Retracement tool, if correctly used, can assist traders with more reliable trade signals and more accurate trade entries.

Join us on this live webinar where we explain the following:

  • Which are the correct Fibonacci retracement ratios to use
  • Using Fibonacci ratios as a trading tool to measure and predict trend turn points
  • How this useful tool can be used to ensure more accurate trade signals
  • How to incorporate Fibonacci retracements as part of your trading strategy

Designed for: Intermediate forex traders with more than 6- 12 months trading experience

Run Time: 1 Hour

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