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Are you closing your trades too quickly? Do you trade better on a particular day? Unearth an abundance of insights about your trading performance with the latest behavioral science technology. Powered by Chasing Returns, exclusively from
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Real-time statistics on your trading performance 

When it comes to trading, it’s just as important to assess your own behaviors, as well as the market’s. Simply log onto our trading platform and select the Performance Analytics tab to get started for in-depth insights on your strengths and weaknesses. It’s much more than a modern-day trading journal.

This video will show you how to begin using Performance Analytics.

Performance Analytics features at a glance
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View an in-depth scorecard of your trading performance.

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Analyze your P&L and win ratio.

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Review the timings of your trades.

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See if you do better with long or short trades.

Analyse the market
Explore the impact of psychological factors such as streaks
Discover your trading edges
Analyze your performance, timing, and psychology with these quick step-by-step videos.

Strategy Edges

Examine your P&L, performance, win ratio, and more based on what you trade and how long you hold the positions.

Timing Edges

Break down your trading performance by when you trade.

Psychology Edges

Discover how psychology affects your trading habits.

Performance Analytics FAQs

How can I access Performance Analytics?

You can access’s exclusive Performance Analytics by logging onto our platform and selecting Performance Analytics from the tab at the top of the platform. Or access it via the mobile app by selecting More and then My Trading History.

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How much does Performance Analytics cost?

Performance Analytics comes at no extra cost to live clients. To access it, simply log in to your account and head to the Performance Analytics tab on Web Trader or tap ‘More’ and then ‘Performance Analytics’ on our mobile trading app.

If you can’t see any edges or habits, it might be because you haven’t closed enough positions yet – Performance Analytics needs a certain amount of data to function.

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Can I export the performance data from Performance Analytics?

Yes, you can export the trade data into a csv file to use in Excel or other software. To export your data, simply head to the ‘Statements’ section within Performance Analytics on Web Trader. From here, you can choose the date range of the data you wish to export and hit ‘export’ to download it as a csv file.

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