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Currency Pair of the Week: USD/CNH

With Fed Chairman Powell speaking, US Core PCE and Non-Farm Payrolls, along with the increase In Covid cases and unrest in China, USD/CNH could be volatile this week.

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Week Ahead: Unrest in China, Inflation data, Powell, and NFP upcoming

The main focus of the week will be economic data, namely the European CPI, US Core PCE, and US Non-Farm Payrolls.

FOMC short: Dovish statement, hawkish Powell

With the Fed not even thinking or discussing the possibility of pausing, traders may be realizing that lowering inflation may take a lot longer than they had anticipated!

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November 2, 2022 08:58 PM

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FOMC meeting recap: Smaller rate hikes coming…but a higher terminal rate on tap?

Fed Chairman Powell hinted at a slower pace of rate hikes, but the key question is whether the peak rate will be above or below 5%...

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November 2, 2022 08:02 PM

FOMC meeting preview: Fed expected to hike 75bps, but is the pivot imminent?

The stakes couldn’t be higher for this month’s FOMC meeting - see why!

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November 1, 2022 03:30 PM
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USD/JPY: Signs of Fed pivot or mere countertrend dip?

There’s only one problem with the Fed pivot narrative: Traders aren’t buying it (yet, at least)!

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October 5, 2022 04:30 PM
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USD/JPY: Signs of Fed pivot or mere countertrend dip?

There’s only one problem with the Fed pivot narrative: Traders aren’t buying it (yet, at least)!

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October 5, 2022 04:30 PM
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FOMC as expected; markets extremely volatile during presser.

As for other central bank meetings: within the next 20 hours markets will hear from the BOJ, SNB, Norges Bank, BOE, and SARB.

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September 21, 2022 10:45 PM
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FOMC meeting instant reaction: Not even a whisper of a pivot yet

Even looking out just until the end of this year, Fed members are projecting another 125bps of rate hikes...

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September 21, 2022 09:25 PM

European Open: The DAX taps 13k ahead of ECB, Powell speech in focus

ECB day is here and we finally get to find out whether they’ll hike by 50 or 75bp, before handing over the mic to Jerome Powell.

Gold nuggets

Risk of higher rate hikes send Gold lower; XAU/USD

If the Fed does hike rates and is hawkish at its next meeting, will Gold finally break through 1670, which it has tested numerous times?

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August 30, 2022 09:44 PM

3 Trades to watch after Jackson Hole: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, Nasdaq

The US dollar was the clear winner following Jerome Powell's Jackson Hole speech, and Wall Street the clear loser - with rates unlikely to come down any time soon.

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Instant insight: Powell “forceful” in fighting inflation at Jackson Hole

Mr. Powell clearly hit a hawkish note, emphasizing the importance of leaving policy tight until inflation was thoroughly licked.

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August 26, 2022 04:53 PM

European Open: US inflation and Powell’s Jackson Hole Speech in focus

Jerome Powell will be hoping that inflation data, released just 90 minutes before his Jackson Hole speech, softens as expected.

Federal reserve name plaque on building

Jackson Hole preview: Will Powell pull the plug on pivot predictions?

Jerome Powell is likely to lay out a relatively hawkish outlook for monetary policy in our view, prompting traders to start pricing in a 75bps interest rate hike next month as the odds-on scenario...

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August 23, 2022 04:46 PM
Federal reserve building

FOMC recap: Fed delivers 75bps, but Powell throws cold water on hawks

On balance, the Fed chief is coming off as relatively dovish...

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FOMC meeting preview: Traders looking for 75bps, Powell’s presser key

If the FOMC does, in fact, opt for a 75bps interest rate hike, Fed Chairman Powell’s accompanying press conference will likely have a bigger market impact than the decision itself...

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July 25, 2022 04:46 PM

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USD/JPY reaches its highest level since September 1998

Fed chairman Powell’s comments earlier may have sent USD/JPY to its highest level in 24 years, but they also sent the pair reeling later in the day.

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June 29, 2022 09:08 PM
Federal reserve building close-up

FOMC recap: Fed hikes rates 75 bps, dot plots show much more to come!

The Fed statement said that it is “strongly committed to returning inflation to its 2% objective” and that it ”expects the labor market to remain strong”.

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June 15, 2022 10:05 PM
Federal Reserve eagle

FOMC Preview: Could the Committee hike 75bps?

With inflation continuing to increase and the Unemployment Rate at its lowest since February 2020, is it time for the Fed to surprise the markets and hike rates by 75bps?

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June 13, 2022 09:33 PM
Federal reserve building

Powell said it- Not considering 75bps rate hike! Do markets believe him?

Based on today’s price action so far, it doesn’t seem like the markets are taking Powell seriously.

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May 5, 2022 05:47 PM

FOMC meeting recap: Was that “Peak Hawkishness” for the Fed?

Traders may look at today’s press conference as marking “peak hawkishness” for the Fed, at least in the short term...

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Nasdaq reeling after big reversal ahead of US tech earnings

Sentiment is quite downbeat following Thursday’s reversal in risk appetite ahead of earnings from Alphabet, Microsoft, Meta, Apple and Amazon